meena iyer
Well this is a meme.. and I have done it already once before.. However, when Alok asked me to do it again.. I thought why the hell not! I have surely more than 12 quirks :D :D

So here I am .. once again unleashing the few more hidden secrets of the the person called 'Meena'

1. Reading habits: I tend to go by the cover when I buy a certain books.. and title.. and the third step is the story line in the back cover.. Also, I can read even in 'zero' watt bulb.. if the story is engrossing enough.. umm and I tend to read while doing potty.. When I was small I had constipation and hence it was an ordeal.. to do the thing.. and books were a welcome distraction.. and now it has become a habit

2. Day dreaming: Most of the time I spend in day dreaming.. not about future.. not about the 'guy'.. though I do that too.. but mostly about random things.. Like the shape of the cloud , of shadows.. and the infinite possibilities they hold.. even people.. like if I see a cute guy going I might think of ways we could meet and talk and stuff.. or if its a small kid selling something.. I would be worried about the goon who might hit her/him if the sales are not enough.. or about the family he/she has.. etc etc

3. Word Eccentricities : I tend to say certain words in certain ways. Some words gets into my vocabulary and then seem to linger there for a long time.. Like haylo( for hello) beh bah etc etc.. In college I would be like ' mein aagayi' With good night I tend to say 'Happy nightmares' (which means even your nightmares be happy) etc etc.. when in school I had this weird way of saying bull shit.. horse shit cow shit crow shit.. any animal+shit.. or well goddamn! You know like 'Damn! are you coming to my place tomorrow? ' I know doesnt make sense.. but once upon a time it had become such an habit! Like using 'like' 'umm' 'erm' 'just' etc etc

4. Songs: I tend to remember the music more than the words.. if I love a song.. more often than not I can hum the tune like.. tan tadan tadan tada dat tat ta ta tada ta dada da da da.. umm hope you get the picture. Also, I get obsessed with some song and keep singing it all the time.. more often than not .. it would be really a rotu and sadu song like.. Chale aaon Chale aaon.. tumhara yeh haseen chehra mein kaise bhool paaungi.. must be a song sung by suraiya.. yes I love old songs :) And with the nasal twang put in with jest!

5. Cooking quirks: I hate when someone comes into kitchen when I am cooking. I love to have the space to myself.. I tend to cut vegetables by sitting on the sofa.. comfortably.. and if I have time cutting might take nearly 30 min. I like to psyche out while I do it.. And I tend to gorge on half cooked meal so much so that sometimes its 2/3rd of what it was planned to be.. I mean the quantity..

6. Other random quirks: I don't like to be touched when I sleep. I hate small and dingy spaces. I love hugging my sweety when I sleep. I even force her by holding her tight :D I sing when I wash clothes.. the choice of song.. its pace depends on the amount of scrubbing the clothes need. I can dance and sing anytime anywhere. I am quite comfortable in my skin and yet I am unnaturally concious sometimes. I love walking in the dark in the night.. and yet some time for no reason I get totally scared and I run home even at 10 p.m I feel de javu a lot.. umm and so many other things! I can keep adding it here.. but I guess I should stop now.. I have certainly written more than 6 quirks :)
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  1. alok Says:

    Hey thanks for finishing the tag, I know you were not challenged at all :)

    Hahaha!! sure you are … I mean a word eccentric :D but you know you do it the best way.