meena iyer
Ah I am so tired lately that I haven't had the energy to blog actually... Infact have 2 other posts that was supposed to be posted.. waiting in the draft.... this is by far has been the longest time I have been away from my blog ... I cant help but post atleast 3-4 posts every week and on days when I am inspired.. 3-4 per day..

I guess I am taking a break.. what with work.. less to non existent sleep to intermittent visitors and a very agitated dog.. I have been exhausted.. gone beyond it infact!

Also, two things have happened that made me realized how endlessly stupid I am.. nay.. make it 3!

Incident 1.: Venue: Office... ah office restroom to be specific...

I went to the rest room ** ours being a small office only has one for men and one for women***

For a very long time now, I have been the only female tech support. And these past months I have been in afternoon shift, wherein a new design co -ordinator has been hired. This fact completely slipped my mind. When I went to the restroom and it seemed to be bolted from inside my imagination leaped bigtime and I assumed the worst i.e that someone has done suicide in the bathroom...

And I even told this to a colleague .. I was so freaked out about it.. and when he made me realize it was well umm the new co-ordinator... you guys should have seen my face.. I was utterly embarassed.. and ofcourse everyone had a nice laugh about it :)

Incident 2: If you think incident 1 can happen to anyone .. afterall forgetfullness is the part of anyone's nature.. you will be convinced now! As it happens, I was given the responsibilty of getting a duplicate key made in the market along with some other chores. I had to get 3 keys made and the guy told each will cost Rs. 75/- and also that he will give me a discount and the end cost will be Rs. 250/- which I agreed to readily.. bargaining is no longer my forte..

Any how once the key was done and I paid up.. not once did I think about it.. 2 days down the line.. I happened to be thinking ** which I have been doing lately.. never at the right time though** And I realized 3 keys @Rs.75 comes to Rs.225/- and he didn't give me any discount.. infact I have overpaid.. I mean how stupid is this? As my sister says.. I am very forward in giving money but not at getting it back... I didn't want confront him with my stupidity :( on which he must be laughing already!

And Incident 3: Its not such a big thing.. though it could have been.. I forgot my debit card in office and didn't realize until it was time for me to come to office.. i.e nearly 15 hours later! Luckily our office is full of honest people and I got my card without any untoward incidences! Anyhow.. it was lucky that it wasn't my credit card I guess

So with utter stupidity I start my new year :(
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  1. Rambler Says:

    it don't think too much into it

  2. Reflections Says:

    Incident 2 & 3 happens all the time with me...infact my better-half is loath to let me out alone.

    Even my new year didnt exactly start off well & I'm quite upset abt it actually...coz I always feel the way the 1st day of the year goes the rest of the day of the year follows.

    U take care huh.....exhaustion & distraction always cause us to make mistakes.

  3. --xh-- Says:

    :-D i am still laughing about the suicide.... and 250 rs...

  4. Ah Rambler i know :)

    Nancy! Ah *hugs* i guess we both need it :)

    Anoop! beh :P

  5. Hey bhav! happy new year :)

  6. Kris Says:

    ummm i think i've beaten you but a mile. i have:

    forgotten my bike keys in my bike overnight

    forgotten my wallet on my bike (3000 bucks cash, almost 3 lacs worth of credit, a lac and a half of debit. do the math...i was loaded!!!)

    things i have left behind at work:

    my phone
    my mp3 player
    my bluetooth headset

    but still, there's one friend who i acknowledge as unbeatable:

    in goa: my friend and i walked the entire length of baga beach, and were about to sit in a shack for a beer when he realised his bike keys weren't with him. we walked back the entire length of the beach (45 minute) searching the sand. didn't find it.

    we found it in the bike, with THE BIKE ENGINE ON AND RUNNING IN NEUTRAL!!! after almost an hour and a half!!!

    beat that...i don't think anyone can!!!