meena iyer
This is not exactly a meme.. but loosely like that :)

10 positive things of 2008

---> Got my first story published yay!!

---> Got my poems published in an online poetry magazine

---> Got raise

---> Wrote amazing poetry

---> Met many new people, some of them have become more closer than before

---> Learned to let go of people without rancor. ** This took a lot of effort.. but yesh! finally I can let go of people when I have to**

---> Though I have not worked on it exactly, I know now for sure, what I want from life ** About time yeah!**

---> Been less depressed, less down than in 2007. I made a conscious effort to not be moody, though I might have failed some times and yet by and large I haven't been moody.

---> Used more of my creativity positively

---> Spent more weekends out than at home in front of the TV

10 things I hope I will achieve in 2009

Not resolutions.. more like wishes :)

---> Get my poems published.. yeah I have turned greedy :P

---> If I can manage, to not be down at all

---> Finally do follow the plan of action instead of changing minds yet again

---> Learn time management

---> Learn to forgive

---> Write more poems and stories ofcourse

---> Try to be more patient, with my family and everyone else

---> Travel more!!!!!!
6 Responses
  1. Reflections Says:

    huh where did my half written comment go...

    here's wishing all ur wishes & dreams come true....but then I dont particularly need to wish coz I firmly believe good things happen to good people:-))).

  2. Muse Says:

    Here's wishing you luck, Meena ka :)

  3. Kris Says:

    yesh, you said yesh!!! that means 2008 was a great year and 2009 will be simply awesome!!!

  4. Great track record, for 2008! Congrats on all those achievements!

    And yes, good luck with all that you aspire to :)

    God Bless!

  5. Agnes Says:

    You're such an upbeat gal, you can accomplish anything you want :-)

  6. Thank you guys! You all are the best!