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Yesterday I had a gory dream.. not a nightmare as such.. but well a dream I would rather not watch.. As it happens, I was creating a story in collaboration with a friend.. will be posted soon enough..

And I guess that stuck in my sub conscious mind somewhere.. for as I said it was gory dream..

So the dreams goes like this.. I am the audience.. more like watching those silly cheap psycho thrillers.. like SAW .. I have seen SAW I to IV... Umm

So in this movie kinda dream.. there are 3 characters.. it is silly and disjoint.. dont look for logic..

It starts with 2 guys n a girl.. Lets say X and Z are guys and Y is a girl..

So when the dream starts, X and Z are fighting as in whose partner Y would be.. while she sits calmly.. she seems like a little dumb witted..

Somehow then it seems to turn as 'SAW like game show' where in only one person will be alive.. and that person wins something..

in the next scene.. for it seemed like that... It is night.. definitely twilight atleast.. and X and Y are on the tree and Z is trying to climb.. however X n Y dont let him climb.. there is a hungry wolf following them all.. and X wants the wolf to kill Y and let them be..

However, weirdly.. having pity of Z.. Y gives him two glass bangles as weapons.. for that was the only thing they all had as weapon..

Z tries to hit the wolf with the glass bangle and fails miserably! And Then the camera pans at Y she cant see the way the fight is going and is crying uncontrollably.. while X tries his level best to not see as well as console her..

Then its morning... X tries to see if he can see the wolf or Z's body somewhere.. but its not there.. finally they decide to come down to see what to do next.. as soon as X comes down.. the wolf appears and kills him.. and this part was very gory! and yucky! I woke up because of this :| :|

I wudnt have described such a stupid dream.. however, i found this thread in orkut.. and got inspired..

Guys try and interpret my dream.. what do you think this could mean ? I have posted it in that thread too.. I will keep posting their replies here :) Meanwhile rack your brains for the answer :D

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6 Responses
  1. The Shmoo Says:

    I'm bad at dreams, but this would make one hell of a bed time story. I hope the whole explanation in the thread helped you, although I don't see the whole 'bangles' interpretation fitting in.

  2. Reflections Says:

    I have no sounds too gory to make any sense:-P

  3. Cess Says:

    I have no idea, maybe 2 men are fighting for ur love but one is not sincere but u can t really see it??? dunno, i think u can find some books or on the internet some interpretation of dreams. I have a small book which say that when u dream of wolf: wolf is clever, fierce and associated wid evil powers that may threaten the individual. U may find there is a wolf in sheep s clothing in ur life, someone who is hiding creatures...

  4. Muse Says:

    You dream too much, Meena ka :D

  5. Ajit Says:

    yeah, cess seems to be right.... :P
    best of luck on choosing a guy from the two... :P

    hahahaha... LOL
    Winnie, I have no idea .....
    but if you get the same dream again, then do check it up....:P
    First time here, so HI!!!

  6. Manimeow.. I know! I am gonna be a fav aunt of all my nieces n nephews yay!!

    Nancy.. dreams r not meant to make sense I guess...

    @Cess.. that seems sinister no? I guess I can get it from books.. but using our imagination is more fun no ?

    @Rini! I know! Tad too too much!

    @ajit.. hi there :)

    Oh I certainly hope I dont get it again.. seeing a guy killed is not the pleasantest of the sensation you know!