meena iyer
I wonder if it is very vain of me to read my poems and think.. Ah not bad! You do a very good job of it :)
7 Responses
  1. Reflections Says:

    U knw sometimes....before even before we write something we know the idea has some 'dum' in it. I'm sure all of us feel it:-D

  2. Sneha Says:

    LOL not vain as long as you REALLY do a good job of it :D

  3. Leo Says:

    nope... sometimes its necessary!! :)

  4. Not.
    You got company :)
    Me too. Sometimes...

  5. Pretty Me!! Says:

    its called self appraisal dear :)

  6. thank you guys :D :D

    I thought I am the only one .. seems like i am a part of the We love our works club :D