meena iyer
Ah my sister says my poems seem very mature and polished.. but my short stories need a lot more polishing :) Ah the first ever spontaneous comment on my writing! Feels great!

Did I ever tell you how I bludgeon my sister to read my works?

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  1. :) Good work!!! I am sure your sister is now a very experienced bludgeon bearer ... Lol!

  2. Bins Says:

    Though bludgeoning ur sister might be fun and stress relieving :D, U might even consider paying her to read. But yeah bludgeoning is a lot more fun. Now I am searching ur page for some of the writing. Poetry, I somehow have never been able to figure out. I firmly believe it is because I had to spend hours figuring out what Wordsworth or whoever was "thinking" when they wrote so and so poem..I hated to think what they were thinking!

  3. @ usha! she has no choice i pick at her when she is very tired and not ready to argue or in a very good mood ;)

    @bins.. yes bludgeoning is fun :d

    @ my writes .. please do read thru.. I have this blog

    Do check out :D

  4. well i sure wouldn't disagree with your sister...i happen to give that vote too...

  5. rahul Says:

    hey meena , read your story in THE ELEVEN , it's awesome and frankly one of the very few that falls into the mystery, horror category that I just love.

    Keep up the good work, and I don't know about the poems but your sis is wrong about the short stories :)))

  6. Reflections Says:

    Aaaah sisters can be killjoys but u can depend on them to give u a frank opinion;-D

  7. John thank you so!

    Rahul that was so sweet of you! Yes I read your story too! Was a delightful to read :)

    @nancy.. that they certainly are :)

    Cant live with them.. cant live without them!