meena iyer
What to do with the internet that we have at home. Both of us, sis and I have become so used to not having it.. now I don't seem to have time to come online. I have so many other stuff to do.. Even the TV has cable connection and yet it has not been turned ON for a long time . We have become used to not using them. Btw I have become really conscious about my diet nowadays.. and you know what I don't feel miserable or deprived.. I feel great! And I have lost 3 kgs yay!! Its like my body enjoys the lighter me :)
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  1. Kris Says:

    yeah, i only feel bad about internet/tv when you want it but it's not there :D

    oh and congratulations!!! keep exercising, diet isn't enough to keep the weight off permanently :)

  2. :) Goood for you! Losing weight that is :)

  3. Cess Says:

    omg how can u live without internet? maybe ur life is more interesting than mine then :) so good for u! I can live without TV but not without Internet, maybe cz i m living away from the family and that the communication mode i use the most wid them.
    PS: nice template btw

  4. Voice Says:

    Great.. because u sounds so happy :)

  5. Reflections Says:

    U knw somehow I notice some kind of change in the way u write.....I cant pin it exactly.
    Sort of mature.....more reflective maybe.

    And good for u....abt ur diet. Keep at it & it only gets better.
    Way to go baby!!!!!!

  6. Kris.. how true!!

    Usha.. thank you so!

    Cess.. Don't think it is.. its just that things have been really busy lately.. besides.. u get used to it.. u get used to anything!

    @template thank you! I love it too

    Bhav thnkx :D :D

    Ah nancy thats the best thing you could have told me!! yay!