meena iyer
Now that I have started blogging I can't seem to stop and earlier I could get myself to start!

Anyhow, as I mentioned in my previous posts, I have been donning my thinking hat a lot offlate.. And while I was doing that I kinda stumbled upon this fact

a) I am an excessive person.. whatever that means...

b) Blogging consumes you until nothing is left...

The first point is self evident and doesn't require much of an explanation.. for if you see past few previous posts, Umm I am on my 4th post already and if time and inclination permits the 5th post of the day just might come through!

And the second point...
Well it is true!

You start writing for you want to express.. want an outlet and blogging provides it.. One blue moon day, you write a story... and lucky for you, you get so many good reviews that you try harder next time.. to improve ... and soon enough you forgot to write for yourself and you write for others.. And then you write more than one post a day..

And then comes a day when you become discerning about what you would write and what you wouldn't.. what works and what doesn't.. and then slowly but steadily you start finding faults.. the writeup which worked perfectly fine before becomes intolerable until... the spark to write loses its shine.. when writing is no longer a pleasure but a way of life.. and then slowly it trickles down to 2-3 post a week.. a month.. a year.. until you totally stop writing..

And yet, you keep creating those posts in your mind.. long long after you stopped blogging
6 Responses
  1. Rambler Says:

    yeah was surprised to see 5 posts unread from you on my reader today :)..

    way to go

  2. :)

    I read excessively too!

  3. mou Says:

    he he...i get 'addicted' too easily to things i like...keep on doing it continuously until i get tired of it(though it takes quite a long time to reach this stage)! and then it's ground level for a new source of 'addiction'...and perhaps somewhere in this never ending rotation of 'addictions', you get 'addicted' to the thing, you had left doing, again... :P

    so in short...yup, can relate to this post :D...

  4. *Hi5* mou! we get addicted to addiction thats true!

  5. Kris Says:

    you could post-date your blog posts so they get posted automatically in the future...that way people who aren't addicted to you can still handle all 5 posts nicely :P

    ps: i know exactly how you feel!!! what used to i do is, i compose my posts on my comp/phone and when i haven't blogged for a while i copy paste them into blogger :)

  6. Kris I have done it too!! :D :D post dated posting makes no sense.. the other day is again waiting with more posts.. someday everything should catch up no? besides I want to tell now! :D :D