meena iyer
Perfect in every way. Resonant with laughter that danced on the lips and some that lay in wait inside your heart. You know when you feel content with everything in life. With your self..

And it was the day that was spent exclusively with my sister sorting out the closet. A day when I forget to mask myself away from dreams that I consider spurious and let my sister color my words.. with mischievous lilt ..

Days I wonder about on those bluesy nights.. about where they seem to disappear.. but not today.. or rather tonight.. It was just so perfect...

And on such days, I forget all the hurts.. real and imagined.. and open my blog out to my sister, using her good humor as a omen may be.. or just I want to share my pride with her.. I dunno which.. but I went ahead and read my poems out to her when out of the blue she said "Why is it that your poems, not all of them ofcourse, for I have not heard them, but the ones you have read out to me is so full of negativity.. so full of sadness?"

And thud.. I am back to reality.. for such cozy moments cant stay for too long.. they spread too thin..

Any ways.. Do my poems seem unusually sad and negative ?
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    You know it better ....

    sad is not bad.. if u dont get used to it :)


  2. *CяystaL Says:

    I went through old posts of yours..they ain't so sad..I write on those notes too..

  3. Bhav and crystal! Thank you :)