meena iyer
Ah I am proud to say that I have started reading and finished 2 books :) The details are on the side bar.

I will be soon reviewing these books and the links will be updated. For now, I have put some dummy links :)

If you want to read my earlier reviews, kindly visit My Secret Book Shelf

P.S: I couldn't stay without widgets ! Had to add them! Will add the blog list too.. its hard to keep track of all the blogs otherwise :( I wud have updated the links today itself.. infact I had too :( But stupid blogger didn't save it! now I have to do it all over again!!!
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  1. Pretty Me!! Says:

    And i have just started second :(

    the first one was a bit bore in the beginning but i did not want to leave it in middle!! I too will be putting the reviews at the same page as u .. fine ??

  2. ofcourse hon! what a question! its "our blog"!!