meena iyer
The one that preceded this post was supposed to be this post but somehow those words stringed themselves up.. definitely the "Dasvidaniya" effect.. Movies.. they have weird effect on me.. I am not someone who is very emotional and all.. I am emotional ofcourse.. intensely so.. but its all well internalized .. and dredged out in this blog ofcourse..

Umm so my point is.. that I am not that emotional.. but any sad soppy story can make me cry.. the tears come out like a leaking tap.. I swear.. it doesnt even have to be a well made film.. the sadness affects me profoundly!

So all through the Dasvidaniya I was shedding tears.. I mean think of the frustration one feels when one realizes that the things one waited all their life for is never gonna happen.. and then thy try to desperately grasp all they can of "LIFE".. why not do it while you have all the time in the world? Whats the use of waiting for something that never may happen ?

Like my parents.. they waited all their life to first help their family.. then to make their own career and finally for their kids.. My mom waited all her life making dreams of days "after we grow up" "after we marry" etc etc.. and she didnt even live to see me graduate.. whats the use? The sheer waste of dreams makes me angry sometimes..

Frankly speaking I actively hate making plans.. for invariably they dont work out.. and even if they do.. they have a weird way of not giving us pleasure we expect from them..


This film kinda makes me feel down yes.. but also.. I envy the character that he knew when he is going to die.. he could sit back.. take stock and finally do things he kept dreaming of doing.. I would like to know.. when I die so that I dont have any regrets when I die...
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  1. Cess Says:


    haven t seen that movie but i m exactly like u, emotional but keeping it for myself except when watching sad movie i could cry like a baby :P
    I hope u re feeling better now!!!
    take care and have a great end of the year!!!!

  2. Unspoken Says:

    "The sheer waste of dreams makes me angry sometimes.."

    And yet, I'd wish that you do not give up on dreaming. This place is beautiful for we dare to dream and with each disappointment we conjure new dreams.

    Like I had read somewhere "The old dreams were beautiful dreams, they may not have come true; but I am glad I had them"

  3. Reflections Says:

    Huh!!!! How come I never saw this post till now????

    Lovely post Meena.....ur sensitivity not just for urself but for others too shows thru all the way.

    "and even if they do.. they have a weird way of not giving us pleasure we expect from them.."

    Many a time I've noticed tht u put across the feelings I think but am not able to express:-)).