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All day Sandy was in a weird mood. Many a times he caught himself day dreaming. This was so not like him.. He wanted to know how it would be if he kissed her.. He wanted to taste her... He still couldn't forget how snugly she fit.. in his arms.. and he wanted to teach her a lesson too. He decided tonight in the party he will kiss her.. He wanted her to want it.. to beg for it.. be vulnerable...


It was nearly 7:00. Meera was wearing a peacock green sari with gold shades and embroidery done in simple pink with.. simple designs but stunning against her ebony skin.. 4 hours of indulgence at Roxanne's showed on her face as it glowed with a rosy sheen.

She knew she looked stunning and she eagerly waited for Sandy...

Sandy was late. The evening traffic of Friday filled with eager crowd and rampant jams was making him pissed than he already was. If he could he wouldn't have even attended this party. But he knew he cannot miss the party he organized. On top of that he would be going with that crazy girl who mesmerized him for some reason and exasperated thoroughly. And she managed to do both just by existing! He knew she is going to give him hell... he was looking forward to it more than the damned party! Hell he would love to be with her alone.. teasing... flirting.. making love...

The insistent honking jerked him back to reality. "Sweet Jesus!" Sandy cursed, as he moved his car through the angry crowd.

By the time he reached Meera's place he was an hour late. Meera was not concerned they would be fashionably late. Their actual meeting was anticlimactic. Nothing like Meera thought would be. He didn't even glance at her proving that he didnt care who is with him.. as if he was doing a favor for her.

"Stupid of me to think he wants to come with me!" Meera thought. All through the drive there was silence. Sandy didnt know what to say. As the party location came near all his dark thoughts started tumbling. He was scared to meet Adi.. Its not been a long time.. but it has created this huge distance that cannot be scaled... The irony of it was that he was the one who organized this welcoming party...

"I wish you kept as quiet in office" Meera said irritatedly

Sandy suddenly realized he has been amiss. " I am sorry. I was pre-occupied"

" Oh really? I didn't notice.Why don't you stay preoccupied always?" she retorted.

Suddenly all his underlying frustration found a vent and he said, " Gladly starting from now."

Meera was surprised. It was not like him to act this way. Surreptitiously she observed him. He seemed to be truly in bad mood.... She wondered what happened. For some reason she wanted to hug him... give comfort. She felt he needed it. She also knew that he needed silence. She did somehow. She knew if she asked what the matter is he won't divulge. So in silence they went to President hotel where the party was hosted.

Sandy knew he was being very rude to Meera. Somehow he felt she will understand. He wished so much just to put his head in her lap and cry... Meera was looking outside the window giving him privacy of his thoughts. He noticed how beautiful she is really looking.. he never had seen her taking so much pain to look beautiful... that was one of the thing he loved about her.. that she was comfortable with her skin. Instead of making him feel better he felt even more frustrated.

As soon as they entered the premises they parted. However, the rumor spread like a wild fire and Meera had a field day confusing people. As hard as she might try, her eyes searched for Sandy all through the night. She saw him going through the moves all automatically. His smile came all fake. Somehow forced. Meera wanted to make him stop smiling. It hurt her for some reason. It was as if his heart was crying tears of blood. She realized that Sandy was upset long before he came to met her. She didn't know what the reason was but she ached to make it right for him.

Rhea was having a blast. After all Ad was here. Ad.. aka Adwait Kulkarni, the guy she secretly loved. Tall dark and handsome straight from mills and boons novel.. girls were crazy about him. His charming smile rakish looks made Rhea melt.. and he didnt have any idea about it. For past one year, Adwait was in USA. He had come back winning accolades from the clients to a plump promotion. He was to be the new Team Lead.

Adwait Kulkarni... Childhood friend of Sandy.... what they fondly call as 'langotia yaar' And yet they were avoiding each other. No one who saw them would think they are... but they were. He was the reason for Sandy's dark mood. After a decent interval, Sandy couldnt take it anymore and decided to leave. He discretely went to meet Meera.

" I am not feeling well so am leaving the party. Would you mind bumming a ride from someone else ? " Sandy said. He sneaked in from behind. Meera was busy gossiping with Rhea. Obviously about Adwait.

" Damn! You scared me again. Can you not approach someone like any decent person ? There is something called as manners you know!", Meera exclaimed.

She was irritated that they were interrupted... as Rhea was telling her about Adwaith and Sandy .. how they are close and all.. Meera was intrigued by Ad. He was just too handsome she couldn't help being curious about him. Sandy didnt say anything and Meera suddenly regretted her tone. So she continued in a softer tone then she would have liked..

" I am sorry. I just freaked out. Whats the matter?"

Rhea was observing them silently. This was a new development and she wanted to see all that she could.

Sandy was feeling stupid and embarrassed. " Would you mind if we go to the lounge and talk ?"

Meera was surprised by it but complied.

" What is it ?" , she asked urgently.
" I have to leave. Don't ask why please."
She would asked but that please stopped her.

" Alright. I am leaving with you. If anyone sees us leaving together. They will think this is just a private tryst."

He was glad she came with him. He hoped she would. He didnt want to stay alone tonight. He was afraid if he was alone he wouldn't stop drinking and that didn't bode well.

They returned to the party and said bye to everyone. Many people teased them. And Sandy was surprised to see how cooly Meera was taking it infact she was enjoying it.

As they passed out of the door they came face to face with Adwaith. Both acted as if they didn't see each other. Suddenly Sandy held her hand and pulled her with him as fast as possible. Meera was completely flummoxed. Something was wrong....
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