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I see that lately few very interesting tags are going round the blogosphere.. Have you ever wondered how we kind of make groups even in this virtual world wherein everyone knows everyone else and also almost share the same tags and awards?? Funny isn't it? Our need to hang around in groups I mean.. when mostly we resort to online friendship generally coz we are lonely or don't want the baggage of handling any relationship.. erm..

Anyways.. back to the topic :) I have been tagged by Rukhiya.. and its kind of a unique tag you can say... its about "holding hands"

She says...

The internet gyan says: Two or more people voluntarily hold hands for one of the following reasons and purposes:

1. handshake
2. in certain religious services, to pray
3. in various occult rituals
4. to express friendship or love
5. to enjoy physical intimacy
6. for emotional support
7. to guide (a child, a blind person, in darkness, etc.)
8. to urge to follow
9. to keep together (in a crowd or in darkness) help the other walk, stand or climb up
11. to dance
12. to arm wrestle

And now wants our opinion on what this means to us... personally...

1. Handshake : I am kind of more comfortable with a person if we start out with a handshake.. One of the quirks surely.. but if I meet a person for the first time hand shaking is must :)

For prayer I have never held hands.. I would so love to be in some occult ritual.. the whole occult thingy fascinates me .. though I don't really believe in it.. i don't oppose it too...

4. To express friendship and love: Totally! I have held hands with friends and with the "love" the potential "love".. umm if I am comfortable with a person.. holding hands come naturally.. And mostly my friends like it too.. for I have very warm and soft hands :)

Umm the fifth point is kinda ambigous no ? I mean... why would one hold hands.. when there is so much else to hold?

6. For emotional support: It always feels nice to hold hands when you are anxious.. somehow it reminds me of the time when we used to wait for the results to be put up..

Since morning we would wait. Result were put up only by 3 p.m so that one can see the result and leave.. there always used to be so much crowd .. which i didnt see even in "college fest".. Anyways.. so we would hold hands.. while the brave souls "read boys" fought the crowd to get the result for every one.. atleast if one has passed or failed...

7. For guidance : Well not really as of now, I have never guided anyone as such .. but I do love holding hands with kids.. They have such small palms :)

Ah I have urged people to follow by pulling hands .. to keep together.. ah this reminds me of the trip to Lonavala.. the flow of water was so much that we made human chains to move forward :)

Umm when it comes to take help to climb and all.. I hate it.. I would rather fall than take someone's help.. umm I know stupid of me.. but thats how I am ..

To dance.. reminds me of the second year of engg.. Though I am not a shy person, I had inhibitions about dancing in public.. so when everyone were dancing during the fest, I was being a wall flower.. A friend.. kinda lead me to the dance floor by holding my hands the traditional way.. and then we danced... and in few minutes.. I had forgotten all my inhibition and started to dance.. since then.. I can dance anywhere.. whenever I feel like .. if there is no music I can sing and dance :P :P

Umm arm wrestling.. ah isnt it fun ? Reminds me of good old canteen :)
6 Responses
  1. --xh-- Says:

    this is beautiful :) and um.. for pt5, may be coz hands are one of the best place to start with...

  2. Rambler Says:

    I think holding hands is a very intimate form of expression when it comes to love..but then man you have a list many different

    let me tick stuff

    things I have held hands for
    1, 7 [guiding a kid counts right?], 8, 9, 12.

    5/12 not bad for a person who is not so comfortable with the touch, right?

  3. Rukhiya Says:

    I knew I would enjoy reading you on this one! I am not one bit disappointed :)

    P.S.: I so completely second your thoughts about the tags and awards, lol! I have been adding names: Like it was "XXXXXXX award" given by someone. Next day, someone and someone, next day, someone, someone AND!

  4. Agnes Says:

    I noticed that in some countries friends hold hands.

  5. meenie...we just shook hands, when we met and didnt hold later, did we? and now u tell me u have soft hands, how mean of u! :P

    and next time, we shall dance together :)

  6. :) Well done this tag! Very orderly too!

    Mine was more of a ramble ... just that :)