meena iyer
What do you do with happiness when you have no one to share it with ?
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  1. Sneha Says:

    I think Happiness doesnt exist when you dont have anyone to share it with. Elation exists, joy exists, but happiness is a term complete in itself, there are no 'buts'.

  2. Sneha.. then my question is whats the diff between happiness and joy ?

  3. Rukhiya Says:

    Barring all the philosophical talks- I'll just tell you what I do- I TREAT myself :) :) Go out, scream your lungs out, wear your best smiles- isn't it enough 'you' are 'happy'?! :) That is what I do :)

  4. Reflections Says:

    The way I see it..u dont necessarily have to share it coz its just spreads like a virus:-D.

  5. Rambler Says:

    may be stack it up till you find someone to share it with

  6. Agnes Says:

    I think Reflections said it all.

  7. u r right, its frustrating when one is happy, yet find no one who understands how much that moment, that achievement means to us.

  8. Kris Says:

    oh it happens to me all the time. i just spread my happiness to all those around, even if they aren't looking/listening. sooner or later they'll want to become your friends so that they can share your happiness :)

    of you're talking about a more intimate sharing of happiness than friends can afford, i guess i'm as lost as you are...i've been battling that problem on and off for most of my adult life :)

  9. Bins Says:

    Revel in it. But still, there must be somebody....
    Sometimes, u gotta make things happen.

  10. @Rukhs.. they say happiness multiplies when shared :P :P

    @Nancy.. it sure does.. but sometimes the virus doesnt get teh right environment isnt it ?

    @Rambler.. Ah.. but thats like for the future.. what about now?

    @agnes.. umm I am not convinced..

    @Karthik.. I guess you know what I mean.. so you agree with me :P

    @Kris >:D< >:D<

    @Bins.. there is always somebody.. but your heart always wants someone else na ?