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Ah just saw a post in pratsie's blog .. Kinda liked the idea of this meme and also the blog itself.. So here goes my sleeping habits

1. How long do you sleep each night?

Depends.. from 4-10 hours...

2. Do you fall asleep easily?

The moment I hit the bed.. I am dead to the world.. but I don't hit the bed until I am very sleepy... I think I do fall asleep very easily :)

3. Do you fall asleep at times not in your bed?

Yes pretty much anywhere :)

4. Do you listen to music or use “white noise” to sleep?

Not really.. It doesn't matter though even if TV is on or not.. if I am sleepy.. nothing matters!

5. Do you sleep through the night or get up a couple of times?

Once am asleep am dead to the world .. but sweety does wake me up at 7 am everyday for her grub... I go right back to sleep :P

6. Do you have trouble sleeping away from your own bed?

Not at all

7. Do you need an alarm clock to get you up?

Doesn't work.. :( Someone has to wake me up and that to insistently

8. Do you ever take medication to help you sleep?


9. Do you/have you slept with pets?

Yes :D :D Sweety sleeps on my legs..

Prompted at : Saturday 9
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    i knew mst of the answers .. but still nice read !

  2. Rambler Says:

    this reminds me so much of what I was, and what I have become wrt sleep :(

  3. Agnes Says:

    Same here, I sleep like a baby.

  4. i liked point 5 the most...what a "sweety" alarm u have and yet it doesn't succeed completely :D

    point 2 agrees with my case too :)

  5. Rukhiya Says:

    Nice post :)

    You've been tagged on another