meena iyer

Silence.... Utter silence pervaded him. Comforting him like a canopy of flowers.. soft.. warm.. and fragrant. He felt safe here. Alone atlast. With no pressure no expectations. Free... He flew in the silent skies reveling in the joyous abandon. He knew it will soon be broken. Someone will soon wake him up. For surely he was sleeping ? Or may be dead.... He didn't mind dying. He had achieved all he ever wished for and some more. He bled for it, thousand time over. And if this was dying, it was really very sweet. So he waited....


He waited for a long time. And yet no one disturbed him. Silence stretched taut . Inviting him to play.. to create music and to put an end to this ennui. He wanted to reach out and pull those strings.. to make some noise but couldn't. Tired by his effort he slipped into nothingness yet again. Sleep took him with open arms. Away from the confusion that mired his existence. And grateful for dreams, he slept. When he resurfaced, Victor tried to pull those strings again . It felt like a burden now and was choking him. He was thirsty and angry. He wanted to scream loudly.... He wanted to cry..


The life that he led was not like he imagined it to be. The joy of creating had given place to greed.. and the pleasure of music turned to malice. Soon he found himself alone. For he had lost his ability to listen. The subtle nuances of stringing metal that created a perfect symphony was lost to him.. Victor Bruhn, the world renown musician, was an yesterday's news..

The accident in his old studio, where he had gone to nurse his broken heart nay, broken pride, had taken his talent away. and now without his music he was a nobody.


Music crept in stealthily in his dreams. As if it was afraid to be lost in the darkened cave. The chirping of birds, the music of a leaking tap sneaked in slowly... until music permeated his dreams. He could create music play then and listen to them all in silence. Silence finally resonated in thousand waves and each wave held tunes of wayward form.. complete in itself.. A song that would never be heard by anyone but him.. for it was his soul that sung... 'The Silent Symphony'


Though Victor can never listen to music like before.. he knew he will enjoy it thousand folds. And in the little oasis , he finally found the perfect audience.. for now he played for himself ..

So what if he can never talk or walk out of this room.. In his mind he flew over thousand suns.

Binded in tubes, in his hospital room, incapacitated by coma, he was now, finally free....

P.S: I know this took a long time to post.. and it is not what I intended it to be.. but its finally done.. :)

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4 Responses
  1. Rambler Says:

    "for it was his soul that sung... 'The Silent Symphony'"


  2. Reflections Says:

    U knw...I was just wondering 2 days back that its been long time since u've posted any stories &'s one:-D.

  3. Neeru Says:

    this one does something to me, i don't know what. :O kinda affects me, i just can't put my feeling in words!