meena iyer
There are times in life when you do things in the intimacy of the night . It seems alright.. just perfect but in the light of the day it seems so foolish to have done that. but then if you didn't.. don't you think you would lose the essence of life?

It is such moments that are remembered long after the time has passed by.. that defines life .. and yet in the light of the sun.. you regret and still secretly pine for it...

Meera expected the things to change for better. Finally seemed like there would be some semblance of friendship with Sandy.. alas! she had not expected such utter avoidance. She understood that Sandy might feel as embarrassed as her.. and yet she didn't expect I- leave -room-when -you-arrive kind of behavior. Most people noticed it and were already gossiping about them.. only not the way she thought they would...

And then there was 'Ad'. It was but natural that they interact in professional capacity.. he was warm with her.. but her implied loyalty to Sandy made her keep her distance.. and yet.. it was hard for her to be aloof.. especially in the light of the fact that Rhea and Ad had started dating again...

But she befriended Ad for none of these reasons. She realized that talking to Ad, made Sandy linger. Made him curious and this fact thrilled her. She started exploiting it, until one day Ad alluded to it

"What game are you exactly playing?", he asked

"What do you mean?" she retorted flustered.

"Don't think I don't notice your roving eye and someone's frozen stance"

Sandy left the room by then.

"Bull crap!" She exclaimed angrily.

"Listen lady.. I don't know you but I know him... he seems pretty serious.. so don't you dare hurt him or else...."

"Oh great! you threatening me now ? What cheek you have! Why don't you look in the mirror and see who exactly is hurting him.. and then talk! " she spluttered.

Ad had nothing to say to it.. "Listen lady! you have no idea about whats between me and him! "

"Oh yeah? and you exactly know what we are all about! How interesting" she said sarcastically and left.

That night Meera thought about what happened and was suddenly afraid about how it would affect her work relationship with him.. It was never wise to alienate your boss especially over someone who doesn't even bother to talk to you.. the mind cautioned.. But she was riled about being caught.. She decided to take care from now on.

The next day, she approached Ad to say sorry. He was very gracious about it and said he was sorry too and invited her for a coffee. She agreed and they had a good time. He told her that he is serious about Rhea and hence wants to be friendly with her as she was so important to Rhea.
So things worked out fine.

And Sandy still avoided her like a plague. She decided to do the same until fate decided otherwise.

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  1. --xh-- Says:

    what exactly was this, minnu?

  2. havent read the earlier chapters...but this one hooked me straightaway, good going meenie!

  3. richa Says:

    you make me realise all stories do not end with "and they lived happy ever after!!"
    good job!