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Ah finally the time to reflect.. to genuflect :P and to go nostalgic.. the year end.. the time to think of the resolutions to be made.. and ofcourse to be broken.. If i look at my old set of resolutions.. not one has been followed.. and yet.. as is the norm.. its time to form new one.. and while I do that.. I am reminiscing about the days that went by...

This year has been a mixed bag of blessings as well as pain.. well not pain exactly.. may be just too many "letting gos".. Couldn't find better word for that feeling..

January found me making close friendships with my office colleagues.. and my heart said.. "Finally!!!' It was about time I had friends in the new place.. well I hoped this friendship would last longer than 6 months surely.. Its not that the friendship broke.. nah.. we drifted away.. whatever may be the reasons.. but thats the truth.. the friendship was never really strong enough.. it was just my imagination .. or may be i was just too free with my emotions.. Anyhow..

Since then there has been many new friendships that were forged yes.. and many let go.. Like my friendships since college..

College has been one big stream of fun.. golden days et al.. but now.. it seems no one but me has time for everyone.. I mean how is it that I end up calling people.. when they never call back ? How is it that I can find time and excuses to go to Mumbai and all to meet friends.. and when they do come to Bangalore.. not for meeting me ofcourse and stay here for 3 days .. but don't find time to give me a call.. and then have the fatuousness to ask me if I am upset.. ofcourse I am upset.. you see everyone but me is always busy! I mean whats the use of life if you don't have five minutes to send with your friends? What exactly do you live for? *sigh*

So now I don't bother to call.. not that I get any calls from them too.. 3 years of being away.. and 7 years of friendship.. just has been buried now.. surprisingly without tears.. I gave my best.. if that wasn't needed or wasn't enough.. atleast there wouldn't be any regrets from my end..

Well this year has been surprisingly a very active year.. esp since November of meeting people.. esp virtual friends :)

I met anoop, pratsie, karthik, navin. jigna, senti, swarna and praddy.. all online buddies and I got to meet them personally :)

And the connection that we felt online did get enhanced offline.. so it was beautiful gift that life gave me...

Only more personal front.. the ps and downs of my family life has finally set into a pattern that somehow has become predictable and hence livable.. Me and sister still dont really get along.. but there have been those sweet moments that only 2 sisters can share.. that leel of intimacy.. and honesty.. no one else can share really.. such moments makes living with her bearable most of the time :)

On the job front.. As i said I got 15% raise yippie!!

And this year has signed off with something really special.. which I have been wanting to share online .. and yet couldn't for some reason..

Guys do you remember my short story "Call of the Forest" ? Those who do would agree with me that that is for sure one of my best work so far.. and it seems someone else thinks so too.. for its gonna be published in a book called "The Eleven"

Its been published by Sai-Kiran publications and is available online. Do check it out .. The book is getting launched on 4th of Jan.. ah a fitting new year gift indeed :)

Ah this is the cover page...

P.S: The new year is gonna come with new template for this blog.. and its gonna be by and large widget free :) Simplicity is gonna be the new mantra :)

P.P.S: This is my 300th post in this blog "yippie" for that too.. I wonder where I will be if it wasn't for my blog!!!
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  1. That was a cute year end post..congrats on Pay raise (in these diff times ) and double congrats on getting your article far as missing friends of college ,thats sad...collge friendship is one thing which one treasures classmates of 1974..we still meet !!
    Happy New year !!


    Happy New year

  2. Reflections Says:

    That made a nice reading....

    "it seems no one but me has time for everyone.."
    U knw...I identify with this statement so much....yes I agree with u, they r not worth it....give ur precious time for things which was more important.

    And sisters....they are all like tht...nothing to brk ur brains about;-P.

    And seriously...u are getting published??????
    WOW thts gr8 news!!!!!!!!!
    Way to go Babes!!!!!!!!!

  3. CU thats so lucky of you.. something to really cherish :) Thank you for the wishes and happy new year to you too and welcome to my blog :)

    Nancy yeah.. plain lucky.. what else to say :D

    Thank you :D :D

    @time .. *sigh* sometimes I wonder why I bother anyways

  4. mou Says:

    first of all a big congratulations :D!

    n happens so many times...friends just drifting apart...the bond just evaporating. but anyways, a new door opens when one closes :)...

    wish you a very happy 2009...


  5. alok Says:

    First of all a many congratulations to you! :) and now I too eagerly waiting for “The eleven” to get publishes ASAP.

    Ok! I think there are three types of friends: those like food, without which you can't live but you can find them wherever you want; those like medicine, which you need them occasionally but they are important; and finally those like an illness, which you never want but they are there. Do you think you require all of them together?

    Wish you a wonderful new year in advance.
    Keep rocking & smiling.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    congrats fr all good things .. wishes for a lot better ... and hufs for being such a sweet frnd to me !!

  7. Mou , Alok and Pratsie thank you!

    Pratsie *hugs*

    alok damn! something I thought too.. i mean something similar.. i was about to blog about friends and food ;)

    he he he :P :P

  8. Rukhiya Says:

    I was searching for this post :P I knew you would have one about the year past. Surprisingly I did my reflection too, which is SO unlikely of me. But anyway, yours made a nice read. 'Calls' is so not-my-thing. I'd rather text message.I call such few people.So all the time I was reading that 'why doesnt someone call' thing, I was like, you know, feeling otherwise. ;) Of course, sisters are sisters, ask me :)
    And what a way to end the year- grand! CONGRATULATIONS!! Would love to read it.:)

    Also thanks a ton for all the awards, I saw 'em while searching for this post. Feels great, so early,so much,its been what, 3-4 months or lesser. Mostly, that it comes effortlessly. :P :)