meena iyer
I wonder why its okay to stay up all night for "work" but not when you are having fun ?

Totally personal experience ofcourse :)
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  1. Kris Says:

    it's not okay at all!!! i never stay up all night for work. only for having fun :D

  2. --xh-- Says:

    hm..may be thatz y u need to stay alone ;)

  3. Pretty Me!! Says:

    i just love staying up till late into the night .. reasons come later !

  4. Agnes Says:

    I just don't know...

  5. Rambler Says:

    actually for me it is the other way around

  6. Bins Says:

    Thank u for visiting my page and commenting. I got into ur page the other day but did not comment. Today I read two of your earlier posts about Child abuse. I too am very emotional and sensitive towards child abuse. Let me read thru thoroughly and get back to you.

    P.S: depends on who is telling that it is not okay to stay up to have fun. I think it is perfectly alright!! Go ahead and party!

  7. @ Kris.. umm i do for both.. but not office "work" erm.. I meant it for my dad.. who kinda keeps telling me to sleep when am on fone in the night.. and when I am doing some pending work.. he never bothers...

    @anoop ahh so true!

    @pratsie dont i know already ?? ;)

    @agnes.. hmm so what do you stay up in the night for ?

    @rambler lucky you :P

    @Rinny >:D <

    @Bins you are welcome and it was fun reading your blog :)

    P.S: its my dad *sigh*

    P.P.S: Waiting for your comments on CSA....