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It has been raining awards and all from Sid aka Riversoul I am so overwhelmed by them! And I know not whom to forward it! And yet this time I shall make a list!! For sure!!

So the awards are as follows .......

I love your blog award

I know that most of the people I would award this to would already have it.. so I have created my version of the award :) Ah yes the awarding creativity has rubbed onto me :)

So for every left hand side award, I have one on the right hand side yippie!! :P

So I award this to.. ah the list is long so you might wanna skip it ;)

So this award goes to Agnes , Tys on ice , Neeru , Pratsie , Rambler , Nancy , Janice , Rukhiya, Vinay , Alok , Anoop , Karthik , Impressionist , Usha , AC aka scribbler , Mani meow , Kris , Uddy , Mayz, Hamish , Navin , Bharat , Kieth , Manjeera , Rini , Aki , Meghna , Sunita , Vishal , Ravi , Sunila , Floey and Trailblazer

I wanns specially thank Anoop for introducing me to some of the bloggers in this list :)
Ah now the next award :)
This Blogger Is Sweet Award

Ah I love the cake!! And I present them to :
Neeru , Nancy, Vishal , Floey , Karthik Sid aka River soul and Ishaan

And the next ....

You have my heart award

I know my awards are all pink pink... Hope you all wouldnt mind it :)

This award goes to Neeru, and Vishal

Blogger Buddies Award

This is for all my blogger buddies out here :)

I totally love the image I have chosen for this award.. I hope Sid you won't mind if I use this one instead of the one on the left :)

Mayz also awarded me this one! Thank you so much :)

Sid also awarded me Proximade award which I have already got so am not posting it here :)

And the other awards are...

Winning Attitude Award

Awesome Blog Buddy Award

And Beautiful Butterfly Award

I would like to award "The Winning Attitude Award" and The "Awesome buddy " to Pratsie, Anoop, Karthik ,Kris, Navin and Neeru :)

Further more I would like to award Uddy, Nancy, Mou and Vinay "The Awesome Buddy Award"

I would like to award the beautify award to Mou and Sneha

Thank you Sid once again :) It was a lovely surprise :)

Ah and being very selfish I would like to add one more award here :) I would like to call this as " The Poet" award!!

This one is for Vinay , Sid, neeru , pratsie , karthik , usha , Rini , Manjeera , Rukhiya and all the other poets who make my day with their words :)

And in the last I wanna award Jagesh and Oded ... "I Speak my mind award"

Would like to pass this to Mani Meow and Trailblazer too :)

And finally.. I am done!!!

P.s: I award the Lemonade award to Nancy ;)
11 Responses
  1. --xh-- Says:

    :) wowsie.. so many awards.. congratz.. and thnx for all the nice awards.....

  2. Reflections Says:

    Wow, wow....just wow!!!!!

    Congrats...u sure are popular aren't u!!!!!!

    And so honoured.....thank u...I just love them...will display them soooooooon.

    ummm.....u forgot to award tht lemonade award...ahem...I think its really soooo cute[hint, hint, nudging with the elbow hint]

  3. mou Says:

    congo :)!

    and thanks :D!! he he...

    a very happy new year to you :D...

  4. thank you guys! and congrats :D

  5. Reflections Says:

    Wow....Winnie I dont deserve it...u r too kind to lil ole overwhelmed[both my palms coming together to cup my face].

    THANKS!!!!!!! Just don't tell anyone how I got this award;-P

  6. Kris Says:

    congrats!!! and thanks!!! two awards..feels nice!!!

  7. Congratulation on all those awards :)

    :) Thank you Meena.. am coming around in a while

  8. Agnes Says:

    Congratulations and thanks a million!

    I have proudly displayed it here and linked you:

  9. Sashu... Says:

    hehe..i liked this one!! CONGRATS MEENA!!

  10. Thank you guys!

    And Sashu welcome to my blog :D