meena iyer
Ah! Read this post here.. reminded me of my traveling woes *read adventure*

I am one of those people who perpetually get lost.. even in their own area! Its been like 3 years , I have been in Bangalore.. I still can get lost *sigh*

To add to it.. my sister.. like my dad has amazing sense of direction! I remember initially when we had moved in.. me and my sister used to go to Indian Institute of world culture and use their library extensively.. I had come there earlier than my sis * to find a place to live and all had traveled around too* but it was she who directed me to the place.. with help of instructions from Aunt.. she had not seen it before.. I had *boo hoo hoo*

And then it happened once.. that we fought.. sis and I.. So I had to go alone.. that was a month later.. not surprisingly I got lost...

Well I thought I am the one of my kind or something.. or may be just that I will adjust as days went by... no such luck

Recently.. me and a friend were searching for a CCD thats like 2 min walk away from the place we met.. As it happened..we walked like for 40 min.. then boarded a rickshaw.. to reach that place and end up paying 20 bucks.. We might have as well boarded it initially dont you think ?

Me getting lost is like legendary :( no wonder my mobile bill is so high.. and hence I prefer rickshaws.. even when I know they charge me more.. when you cant do without.. you might as well ignore it right ?
5 Responses
  1. ANWESA Says:

    i'm on the opposite boat,i don't get lost often.nice post tho...

  2. --xh-- Says:

    i am with anwesa here - i get lost very rarely... so u give ur sis a shocker that day :P he he

  3. Cess Says:

    did u think of asking people on the street? :)


  4. Reflections Says:

    hmmm....suffer from the same problem but I reach my destination somehow tho:-)

  5. @ anwesha and anoop.. i dont envy you.. i have had fun losing too :)

    @ cess.. always.. they r my lifeline!

    @nancy.. so do i.. and it makes every journey alone an adventure :)