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Today Meera had no interest in going to the office. It was an occasion she dreaded.. namely 'The annual party' which she cannot excuse out of.. her future depended on it.. And some inspired romantic dickheaded higher up * read screwup* has decided it would have a couple entry only leaving her scampering for a date. And all her efforts didnt yield any result. Her love life was non existent and all her friends too let her down... she didnt blame them for not coming . Her office parties were boring!

Meera kept thinking how to get out of this quagmire.. as she walked through the corridor. The lift didnt work.. making her mood even more worse than it already was!

" Sorry honey! I would have loved to come with you but Rohan asked me out one month back!"
Sally's high pitched voice echoed through the corridor..followed by whispers that ended with a giggle

"Naughty boy! alright!" Sally continued just as Meera entered the room to witness a sloppy kiss.

"Let me not disturb you. " Meera said shortly..... glaring pointedly at him! She woudn't look at Sally. She was sure she would blush in embarassment. It was better to be angry and it was easy to be angry on him!

' Great way to start the day! He just had to be here to watch me squirm!' Meera thought while he smiled amusedly. A lazy languid smile which invites you to return it..but she knew this smile was deceptive.. the guy behind was cold.. stone cold...

Sally was too embarrassed to linger around... She quickly walked out of room quickly leaving them alone together.

Sandy was not in good mood. He didn't have a date for the evening and to add to it the kiss was ended by this prissy lady... He wanted to let it out... to fight with someone.. and she seemed a good option...

He turned to Meera and said, " Its my day alright! While others get dates all I get is a sloppy kiss that gets interrupted by a rude lady"

Meera acted not to notice thinking that he would get the pointer and leave but he had other plans. Sandy came near Meera and repeated again pointedly.

" Atleast you got a kiss! Look at me!" Meera quipped.

Sandy was just about to say something rude.. but couldn't do anything but smile.

" Why don't you complete that kiss for me ? After all I am entitled for that!" , Sandy asked mock seriously.

Generally, This is when Meera would get angry and the fight would start. However, today she realized that Sandy can be answer to all her problem.She could get a date and be assured that he wouldn't hang around her or expect her to primp and smile. She wouldnt have to beg her friends.. or fend off desperate attempts of some random stranger that she would have eventually picked up! Besides the gossip mills would run over time and in the meanwhile she can make his life a hell...

So ,with an almost flirtatious and mischievous smile, she replied " A kiss is too paltry.. you have got urself something even better. A date! Pick me by 7:00. "

" Ah this is soon becoming my lucky day . Wouldnt I just love going out with you ?"
" Gee! I would love to be alone with you and do amazing lil things..naughty things.... Like we are here now.. I would so love to give you a demo

Sandy said as he moved closer and placed his hand on her shoulder and pulled her close. However, his tone was sarcastic to show how deliberate this is.

" Ah so much chatter and no action.. So if you excuse me..." Meera said as she stamped his foot with her heels " I have shopping to do" She pushed him and went out. Leaving him howling in pain.

Sandy was left stranded as she strode right out of the door. He was furious and the pain slowly pierced through his consciousness... He was shocked to feel this attraction for her... and as always took refuge in anger.
He was sure to make her pay.. He would publically make her suffer! he decided...that shrew! No gal ever talks to him like that!

The anger didnt last for long.. All through the day he found himself thinking about her wonderful smile.. a smile that lights the room when it starts, a smile straight from heart. She is not at all bad looking at all if you ignore that bulging fat! She is sweet down to earth and funny.... But she always rubbed him the wrong now and yet he always seeked her..He liked talking to her fighting with her.. He wouldnt admit but he liked her more than he was comfortable with. '

I should bet my brains checked
Sandy thought angrily. the question was who he was angry with....himself or her...

Meera went out of the room and stood in the corner for sometime to let her erratic heart beat stop. She's crazy for sure! How can her body react to him that way when he is systematically insulting her ? Really its not like he is some greek god or anything!

She was about to let him kiss her. He mesmerized her from the start.Since the day she joined. She wished so much to be his friend.. however.. their relation started with a wrong foot and stayed that way till date. She is no longer sure what she feels for him.. Its a mixture of respect liking and yet she hated the very mention of his name!.. He always made her nervous and unsure.

She was determined to stun him! Its time to let Roxane do her magic she decided. She would tantalize him all evening and then triumphantly go home she decided.

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