meena iyer
Confusing like madness
gentle and insistent
a unknown ache,
All night keeps me awake
mocking as I writhe
In unidentified longing
Incomprehensible sadness

Recently i have been away from home.. i shud b feeling on the top of my world.. somehow i feel faintly depressed.. not exactly depressed.. just faintly..

Things bug me .. i donno why.. and am on my escape from the world mode again..

Me thinks.. i dont need reasons to be depressed.. am pathologically depressed.. coz right now there is nothing in the world thats wrong with me.. everything is just right.. but yet i have this huge knot in my stomach that wont unwound.. i have no idea even whats making me down...

i have been contemplating to turn off internet at home.. but then i still wud have access in office.. so doesnt make much diff... however.. it wud still regulate my online time.. isnt it?

need to think abt it.. i think i ahve internet addiction.. if i dont come online i have withdrawal symptoms..

Isnt it ironical? we choose online life to not feel anxiety of broken relations .. jilted emotions.. in effect not much involvement..

however we end up feeling all of it .. more penetrating coz we open up just too soon.. hurt just too much... and yet forget all the more faster..

its like a merry go round of emotions dont u think ?
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