meena iyer
No I am not gonna write any of my dreams here.. I am going to talk about dreams..

Coupla years ago, I was working in this company.. where we had a communication coach called as "Kanya" Nice name isnt it?

Well.. this lady was very good in judging people.. she judged most of the people.. and mostly her approximation and mine matched.. so i was secretly thrilled... And in the end when she came to me.. she said... I am sorry to say meena but you dont seem to be a career woman.. you would be more interested in family and all..

Those days were my initial job days and I was hugely pissed about it! I wanted to make big and all..

Over months that have passed by.. I somehow see some truth in it... As far as I can remember.. my dream was.. meeting a guy who falls in love with me.. someone who is soo good that I admire him.. and well.. we decide not to go against parents.. my family thinks its arranged... but his knows.. blah blah.... happy married life.. wid small issues.. and kids .. who r picture perfect...
And ofcourse we would be successful... its like concrete goal... I never wanted to feature in IEEE journals... or digit or business weekly.. no such ambition.. I never wanted to be employee of the week... or director of a company... just a plaun software job with recognition for my work.. I never wanted to be famous... but successful enuf to be invited to parties and all where my family would get praises all the places...

For long I was ashamed of this dream and ashamed of not having any ambitious drive.. Well yeah I am a hypocrite.... Well its time to accept.. that i dont wanty much from life.. hopefully i would get a guy who would fall in love with me... thats more than enough for me
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