meena iyer
Today one of my school friends wrote me a testimonial.. Took me back to the school days.. there is not much to remember actually.. i mean i dont have much happy memories..

Figure this .. a sloppy girl with no homework ever done.. one who keeps asking questions.. even if she knows the answer.. even if the teacher repeatedly asks her to keep quiet.. one who always knows answers during revisions but never ever comes first.. with the filthiest handwriting around.. one who is put down as a "problem child" in teachers report.. *sigh* I was a pain in the ass.. I had this silent rebelllion.. i will accept any punishment but wont ever complete my homework.. even if i am made to stand outside my class for 15 days.. finally teacher had to give in...

Someone who never made close friends.. someone whom ppl wud trod on.. It was a lonely experience until later...

Till this date i never submitted my marathi homework... even if i scored less except maths.. thats where i found my salvation.. i was the best at it!

The generally proclaimed genius who never scored.. most teachers gave me up for being a loser.. like some brilliant child that never ever shines.. until sabita teacher.. our English teacher.. she made me dreams about poets.. i loved English like a creeper.. gorging and wanting more... It is she who asked me.. whats wrong with u meena? why did the other teacher marked u as problematic?? u see my sister.. the best student of her class.. was this teachers pet.. she was expecting something like that from me.. but was disappointed *still hurts sometimes*

Still the best part of school would be the scholarship days.. we had rocking fun! absolutely.. that was the year when for the first time i took part in dance.. I was hopeless actually.. and yet the people who were teaching me.. pragati's sisters were soooo patient with me!

So was her mom who would gladly give us breakfast... it was a revalation to see their wonderful family... ours was best a very aloof family..

I think i wouldnt have ever become what I am now.. if it wasn't for Grace teacher.. Only one teacher who was sure i will achieve something... She inspired me.. by her words.. her encouragement.. more so by her absolute faith in me :)

And ofcourse JK sir.. my tution sir.. He absoluetly bolstered me for what i wanted.. I was the star pupil of his class and he wanted to make sure that i really stay upto it..

My tution time was the most amazing time in my childhood.. just after my mom died.. I actually made friends for real.. isnt it ironic.. all my 9 years of schooling i didnt have a single friend to be called a " friend" and then suddenly overnight.. i had a bunch of friends ... A group..

I think the most beautiful retribution i ever got was when on a chance meeting .. I met the teacher who had tagged me as problematic and that i wouldnt ever progress...

She was shocked to see me.. doing engineering and all.. esp in out batch of 25 i was the one who was doing engineering and all her pets didnt fare that well.. It was satisfactory indeed..
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  1. Neeru Says:

    WOW! :) graphic account, takes me back to my school days. though i was no problematic child. i was very frndly, very much the golden gal in my class. i dont remember myself receivin much punishment. n i became a problem kid only in college! :D

  2. Ravi D Says:

    Hmm.. Liked this post. Makes me remember of my no so good old school days :| So you were a problem child.

    So teachers do leave a mark on our life and that mark makes us what we are or at least those marks remind us what we always wanted to be. Ah! Marathi... I remember my Marathi teacher painting all red on my answer sheets.

  3. Ah the biggest there was in my class!

    My sister was called to my class everyday to receive shit abt me.. i think I was screaming for attention.. i still am.. but have found better ways to abate it!


  4. Pensativo Says:

    aah...memories..bittersweet symphony :P