meena iyer

I reach home. Tired and a little bit miffed. Dad left for mumbai and I couldnt see him off. Somehow I couldnt even talk to him on fone! *pathetic*

Home... a muffled voice of TV... changing shadows as I lie on the sofa..

In some time I get up have a glass of water... Need no food... And then slowly moving to the computer... For the usual thingy.. And yet.. today is different.. As I smoke my first cigarette... down comes the rain

Plop plop.. tic tip... slowly.. gently.. the breeze caresses me.. brings wid it.. wet smell of fresh grass.. delightful..

Unknowingly, my legs moves out to terrace.. It needs to be welcomed...Soon I have a partner in crime.. u guessed it sweety [:d]

And then.. we dance in silence sweety n me! As the raindrops drench me .. slowly but surely.. I feel my senses being assaulted.. with pleasure...

Dispelling the gloom that collected in the corner of my eye...

As tears mingled with water.. cloaking me in collage of water as it starts pouring.. As if.. heaven knew I need a hug..

I stood there mutely .. As I was purified.. And then it stopped.. only thing that would remind me of this rain was the wet cigarette stub.. still clinging in my hand...

Rain came unexpectedly.. so does tears nowadays.. needs no invite
3 Responses
  1. Pensativo Says:

    hmm...rain drops falling on my head...Rain came for good reason..came to you..hugged you and then took those tiny little pieces out of you..pieces that were stuck with in for sometime :)

  2. Preetha Nair Says:

    found you in the recent visitors to my blog...
    you have an intresting blog :)
    Keep the spirit of writing alive :)
    will keep visiting.

  3. ishaan Says:

    Rain quenches not only the thirst of the earth but it also quenches the thirst of our souls...i love it when it rains