meena iyer

Like this silver lining... Have you ever wanted to look for something better ?? I always do.. I am never satisfied by anything in my life.. I mean.. lets take a simple example of shopping.. especially for a purse.. I am not a purse kinda person.. I like small jholas.. or well wallets.. I dont like just any wallet.. I like them unique ones... * well there arent any unique jholas.. but i like ones that are atleast not very common.. trendy stuff strict no no*

So when I go shopping... I search each and every shop.. and if i am not satisfied .. I wont buy it.. lest I miss something better that comes in the way.. even after buying i dont stop looking *Le Sigh!* Lets say I did like something.. its not like i would buy it! I would still scourge the whole lot and then buy it...

This is only for the stuff I really love.. like bracelets.. and finger rings and purses.. Rest like clothes and all.. I dont bother much..

Err.. My point is.. even if i like a stuff.. I would still search for something better..

Let me give one more example... If i am kinda watching TV.. I am liking what i am watching.. lets say my favorite song and all.. and yet.. I change channels.. I dont wanna miss something better on the other channels.. most often than not.. there isnt any thing good in the new channel n i miss seeign the channel where that nice song was coming.. All in all its not a good habit.. looking for something better.. coz you never know what is in the future.. but u do about whats in present..

I guess the samething has happened with regards to guys... I have not had a real big crush since college... I mean someone I would bother to ogle.. steal glances and all that jazz... I think I will die spinster *sob sob sob*
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