meena iyer
I had a pathetic day today! Cold n sneezing n cough.. didnt brighten my mood a bit.. Somehow even chatting wid ppl i usually chat is bugging me bigtime.. and yet I cannot not chat wid them..

So well i was kinda depressed when i reached home that dad wont be around today.. not that he really talks much or anything.. its just that the fact that someones home... :| :|

So I return home.. to a cold empty place.. silence all around.. silence in my heart.. no anticipation no one to worry abt me!

I come back to a cold hearth.. not a plate of food.. not a cup of coffee.. who has time to bother??

Slowly I collect the hastily strewn clothes.. as one tear escapes un knowingly..

And before i know.. its a steady rainfall...

And on some days...

I come home.. loll on the sofa.. Look around and feel happy.. this sofa i sit on.. i bought it.. that TV that dining table... The cot the bed.. The washing machine fridge..every damn thing ours!

mine n my sisters.. its just 2 years and we have done so much.. yes we did it!
I feel glad.. I feel tall! taller than my 5 ft 1 inches!

I feel great!

And yet somedays.. it seems empty.. and .. it haunts me... Like some unknown sorrow on a cold wintery night!

May be its just reflection of my moooodddd n nothing whatsoever to do with emptiness
May be the emptiness is in my soul and no where else.....
2 Responses
  1. Pensativo Says:

    emptiness....the bucket is ready to be filled again when its empty...happiness is knocking on the door to get you rid of hollowness :D

  2. ishaan Says:

    >-------- :D -------------<
    I knw what's in ur heart di but smtimes we need to live with it...I know it feels empty but look around and you will se msthng else look at all the ppl whom u've given a reason to live...I am laive because u cared to listen to me even when u hadnt even seen me whil ethos who had seen me cudnt even call me to knw if i still existed or not...I knw u dnt feel happy at iems but its human nature...Look at what u have achieved and be happy not content but happy as you have many a miles to go b4 u hang in ur coat...samjhi..
    Hum toh akele hi chal diya ...rastey main kuch log mill gaye toh caravan ban gaya...