meena iyer

Today I came out with a frightfully amazing idea! Dream a date!! I can see you ppl clucking your tongues

Well a gals gotta do what she gotta do... If no guy would take u out on dinner.. u ahve to make do wid dreams wid like situated ppl :)

So.. I had a virtual date with 2 of the guys...

Wid one of the guy.. we chose to go to an open air restruant.. planned to have wine and cocktail with Mexican cuisine.. Before we can expand on this... we got rudely interrupted..

With the second guy...

He chose to be a bigshot who would take me to the moon for valentine.. All out to impress isnt he?

Starting with a limo to the space shuttle.. with a mini bar well stocked with champagne... We rocked from the start.

Next seeing the amazing stars.. being one with them for some moments.... Watching the earth down below... feeling soo small and yet feeling special... we landed on moon..

I should tell you how happy i was.. i weighed 1/6th of what i am!! :D :D :D

On this happy note we had one more shot of champagne.. err do we say flute/glass of ? or shot of?

Who cares! we had champagne and toasted to each other.. this followed wid dinner which was no doubt and exquisite affair!

With amazing mouth watering delicacies... Indian cuisine ofcourse.. topped with julab jamun as the desert..

If that wasnt enough we had one of the most amazing desert!!!

And then.....

We had planned for a boat ride.. however the hotshot got a call and had to leave..

Since work is worship.. we decided to stop there and continue from where we have left later..

With promises for tomorrow we parted *sigh*

Wasnt this amazing ?
3 Responses
  1. Voice Says:

    2 dates on one day :O

    Oh my gowd!! :))

    >>Wasnt this amazing

    it certainly look like... :)

  2. The Shmoo Says:

    lemme know if the first dream guy is available anytime soon :D

    hehe, cute article!

  3. Santanu Says:

    I should tell you how happy i was.. i weighed 1/6th of what i am!! .......

    sooo sweet.