meena iyer
I think that more than the event itself.. Anticipation is more fun..

A bitter sweet emotion
A rain in the sun
A drop of tear while having fun

Isnt it?

I mean.. have u ever waited for rain all the summer? isnt the first shower fun? but soon we lose interest y ? coz there is no anticipation.. for ppl wid silver spoon in their mouth sucess has not much meaning.. they r used to it,,,

Now look for a guy from marshes!

Ask him what success is.. ambitious one ofcourse...

He will have sooo much anticipation... and when he achieves that much satisfaction...

then isnt there more fun in anticipation??

Do u anticipate things?
2 Responses
  1. Pensativo Says:

    yupp..totally agree..things got after lot of wait and anticipation matter a lot ... :)

  2. ishaan Says:

    hmmm for me anticipation is dry throat, feeling of vomiting in my tummy, headache and dehydration