meena iyer

Many ages ago in my old facebook profile.. I wrote something very random.. and then had a very nicely random conversation with one of my friend!!

here it goes:

well i thought what to write n i thought what to write, then i started to write n i thought what not to write. As i was thinking i realized how am i thinking? then it dawned to me after all these years of thinking that i really have brains. And it isnt a vegetable it thinks. How silly me. After this enlightenment i was really geared up to actually put my brain to test. So i decided to think hard. Finally i decided what i dint want to write abt. I dun wanna write abt dreams. Now i can write abt it ofcourse after all more than half my waking life n all of my sleeping life that is most of life goes in dreaming.So why talk abt it? More importantly why not? If it is worth seeing its worth writing abt. then y not? Simple. dreams tend to break. and shatter and hurt and all that jazz. So it is better to see dreams than write abt dreams *wonders if she has brains*

I think not !

Le sigh !

I stop writing coz i realized after all i dun have brains at all

My conversation follows like this....

F : meeeeena! this is so you!
darlin, u have brains. i vouch for it. *straight face*

Me: he he he

I so know that u tell truth always

*straighter face*

F: I know! *straightest face*

now that we have completed the supelatives, what's new? *smiles sweetly

Me: *straighter than straightest face*

I always win war of words

F : that doesnt even exist! *indignant face*

*straight face to the power of infinite* hah!

*does the 'i win! i win! dance* :D

Me : Dun mix maths wid inglish!

Well it exists straighter than straightest is an poetic liberty well widin the confines of the language but straight face to the power of infinty doesnt exists neither in maths or inglish..

So u have infinite straight faces??

:P :P

F : :|

i have as many faces as i want! straight or otherwise!
ur manipulatin wid me words... waaahhhhhh!!!!!! :'(

u mean meenie! :x :x :x
fyi, no such poetic liberty exists which says 'straighter than straight face'
how straight can u get? :O

so ur poem will read like dis :

'i danced. now i am late.
oh did i mention?
my face is straighter than straight.'

trebian meena! *hails meena*

Me : Nopes the poem goes like

I danced and i am late
Now where is my fake?
Leaner than lean and straighter than straight?


F : that poem was so deep that it went over my head! kind of did cartwheels.
altho in some macbre way it makes sense.

but it has no connection with 'face' which is the original topic of dispute! hah!
*smug look*

Me : Who is disputing??

*angelic innocent face*
*more innocent than infant jesus*

Better appreciate my sense of poetic :

F : *hails meena's poetic genius!*

*Also wonders what she was doing by the side of infant Jesus*

Jesus, how old ARE YOU? :O

Me: I am ancient :D :D

*stern yet gentle face. I am older than aslan older than white witch. I was here before time started and I will be here after the time started counting.*

F: :|

*speechlees and stunned*

*still speechless and stunned*

Me : *cronicles of narnia effect*

F : *ZZZZzzzz!*

thts wat i did in the theatre! ;)

I had so much fun those days! I wonder where did it go.. such friends.. such light n witty conversations??

I miss it
3 Responses
  1. The Mystic Says:

    NO MORE WINE FOR U!!! :x

  2. Flo Says:

    You and random friend seem too bored to bother talking with each other.

    Lots of bloggers seem to be posting conversations they had. =D

  3. The Shmoo Says:

    straighter than the staightest of straight faces!

    I win :D

    I loved the Narnia effect :p