meena iyer
Today has been amazing wrt orkut.. I didnt feel the urge to login at all.. Like my friends says.. atleast I slept well.. I slept for a long time.. but rest of the day sucked :| :|

I got up late.. so late around 2 pm.. No food cooked for dad :| :| He was very disappointed in us *sobs*

So hasty cooking later.. erm the one that sucked big time! I am so ashamed of my cooking today :(

So much so that.. he didnt eat much.. sEE?? I got to get my act togather.. else my dad would suffer for it.. I can maage to eat pizza n all.. but my dad doesnt eat out.. so if we dont cook.. he stays hungry :(

So I will get it together for sure.. Its my promise to myself.. and I plan to keep it..

One more thing.. post orkut.. I dont feel like coming online at all! I wasnt online all day.. just now... I came.. so that I could blog.. isnt it amazing?

Wondering what am i doing here ??? at this time ?? Still an insomnic... but today am not gonna sleep... so in the night..i will b so tired that I will sleep! Am counting on that to get my sleep timings regulated...

I have also other plan... after one month.. when I create a new profile as promised to Jigna.. I will continue to be online but only from office.. the moment i come home.. no orkut... If i cannot handle that.. am gonna quit permanently :)
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