meena iyer
Incidentally silence is one of my favorite topic.. which is a big paradox... coz ppl who know me knows that silence cant stand me :)

With me around things cant be silent.. no wonder.. i am silent only when i am alone...

Like now.. sitting in front of the computer... listening to the trees swaying in the breeze.. sweety my lab.. snoring gently.. i know if i place my ears to her heart i can hear her heart beats,,, it is faster than mine.. i realise i can hear mine too..

I find comfort in silence and yet today... silence is not acceptable.. i wanna talk...

It is not conforting me.. have got this vague dissatisfaction.. like.. i have lost something...

am not even in mood to blog and yet i wanna blog..

I wish i could write abstract.. why do i have to be soooo up in ur face ?

many a time i realise i am not deep at all.. infact am very shallow.. why shud this affect me?

wasnt i talking ant silence? my thoughts are a big mess!!
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  1. Ravi D Says:

    Yes, Silence speaks thousand words.. My friends hate when I am silent among them. They know something not so good for them in around the corner.
    I am with myself most of the times.. and I love that.

    YES... your thoughts are mess :P