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Umm read Kris's blog about resolution.. which reminded me of mine.... here take a look! 15 of them.. not one actually followed but ofcourse! Umm.. So as a part of resolution 1.. I had decided to join a GYM.. umm before that we had to shift... and stuff.. so 5 months down the line we decided to join again.. there was one nearby.. after many postponement we went there one day.. only to find it was shut already.. we noted the time and all and decided to visit the next day for sure...

Umm many late starts later it was forgotten.. again after few weeks we decided its time.. So we bought new tracks.. socks and all * part of the ritual of joining GYM ** Have done that 3 times already and never followed through more than 15 days** * The tracks are worn out now.. threw them away few weeks back.. and before you ask.. no haven't joined gym yet :D :D

So the most recent twitch to join again happened after the most recent shopping expedition.. Am sure its same for most over weights.. I get like super duper depressed when I go shopping.. thats why I keep it as short as possible.. and yet *sigh.. I shopped for my cousins engagement.. where ppl gave me general lecture about "how it is not good for my health and you know future ""prospects"" I am sure you understand what that means"..

Anyways, this did motivated me again.. to lose weight.. yeah it did.. my sister did extensive research online and downloaded like loads of ebooks with various exercises.. which she does follow sporadically and then asks me if it works.. more often than not... I follow her lead and tell her yeah yeah... to everything that she says.. And then.. she gives me a lecture about how I should try them too.. in short waxes and wanes about them and I psyche out completely :)

Umm.. finally.. one weekend.. we bought new tracks.. the next weekend I went and bought shoes and socks.. The third weekend.. bought Tee's to go with the tracks.. and now two weeks have passed by.. we haven't yet joined... last week we were broke.. so had to wait for the sal to be credited.. my sister's.. that gets credited first.. since this weekend.. I am trying hard to wake up by 6:00 and my sis to not sleep by 6:00

Oh yeah.. we bothare failing.. as of now.. You never know this week might be different... may be not :)

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  1. Agnes Says:

    Oh, my.... New Years Resolutions..... it's good we can "renew" them every year, huh? Who are we kidding?

    Winnie, about the weight loss. There is this wonderful woman in New Delhi, her name is Kiran, she is a fitness trainer but also gives nutritional advice. I read her blog because a) I like her as a person and b) she gives great daily advice, has simple fitness videos on her site, etc..... anyway you might want to check her site, it's

  2. Rambler Says:

    I had a resolution, just for kicks this year, so 2008 was an year for no alcohol, it has worked so far, its fun to test your will power isn't it :)

  3. Kris Says:

    oh don't bother with gym if you can't manage it. brisk walking also works, but the results are a lot slower. good thing about walking is that after that you still have energy to do your job (or surf/chat/watch tv).

    the reason i quit gym (i took annual membership btw, and the days are ticking away...i've used only 40 days out of 300 so far :P) was because i didn't have the energy to do anything after that...but i'm gonna try and manage that. looks like it's starting earliest on friday though :(

    ps: it's nice if you link to my blog when you mention a post of mine. improves both our rankings on technorati and google and lots of blog search engines :)

  4. @ agnes.. checked out that link! Thanx so much.. @ resolution.. u said it :D :D

    @ kris.. umm walking and me? :O :O gym seems easier.. i know the deal after being there like 5 times already...

    @rambler.. not if you have a will power like me.. umm non existent :D

  5. Umm kris.. I have edited it now.. I had planned to add ur link.. guess i forgot :)

  6. --xh-- Says:

    resolution or not, try hitting the gym.. it is an amazing feeling after a good workout session ;)

  7. Reflections Says:

    I'm in the same boat:-(