meena iyer
Yeah so are new year resolutions.. self analysis.. lets say taking stock of your life is in vogue
And being most commonest of all beings I feel the same

With out much ado I would start with it.
this year was one of the eventful year. not the most eventful that happens to be 2005..

So this year saw my maiden inning in game of relationships or whatever. It was a huge disaster But not in vain.... I learned a lot from it.

---> Love myself
---> Hasty decision sucks.
---> Do not trust blindly. The person should be worth of ur trust.
---> Stop being a victim..

Really! I never thought anyone can love me as I am and yet I wanted someone to love me.. to find the diamond hidden in coal.. Firstly I thought myself to be diamond but I refused to shine... Does it make sense?

So resolution 1) If I really want quality ppl in my life I have to b of better quality myself namely.. Shed weight. Take care to look good.

Resolution 2) Be choosy of my friends.. I generally am a friend to ppl there are hardly any people who are my close friends .. online... Thats gonna change.. I am not going to b someone who would give never expect.. coz expectations r there.. hidden ones ones that chokes one inside so that soon you lose interest in the relation

Resolution 3) Reduce orkutting..
Waste of time..When you redirect your energy to unneccessary things like this you forget what is important in your life..

Resolution 4) priortize. I need to b clear about what I need in life... Its about time I take control.. drifting like a leaf in the water is not my idea

Resolution 5) Be aware of your surrounding! I have lost touch with reality thats what has happened! I hardly know anything that happens in world.. this apathy refuses to shock me : :

Resolution 6) Make all the documents like election card passport et al

We dont know when oppurtunity will strike us.. better be ready for it

Resolution 7) Relationships are not start n end of life.. focus on my career.. or rather make one! : :

After one disastrous relationship online *fool me* I was almost in brink of other.. which somehow dint happen as reason reigned.. but stewpid me went head along with an brief affair of 3-4 weeks : : I know crazily insane.. Again reason came to rescue thankfully before I did much damage..

SO in CAPITALS!! OFF GUYS OFF GUYS!! doesnt mean I will end up going around wid a gal [;)]

Resolution 8) Take responsibility! Yeah I hate that always.. I always dream of running away wherein I am not responsible for anybody else than me which is freaky! I am gonna take conscious effort to take responsibilty and do it to best of my ability!

Resolution 9) stop blaming others circumstances etc etc.. Really! Unbeknownst to me or rather without realizing.. thats what I was doing big time! It would stop

The best part of this year would be return of my ability to write poems! I am reveling in it big time.. n I hope to continue with it!!

Resolution 10) Be prepared for your interviews... Its better to read n learn than go blank n perform dismally! I never knew i have learning problems!!

Cant even start with how the life played games with me.. wid dad in hospital for sometime .. then him getting lost etc etc...

Resolution 11) Spread your legs as far as your bedsheet is.. meaning.. never commit to help when its gonna create problems with you!!

Resolution 12) Read more books

Resolution 13) Do not volunteer for everything choose your cause n be faithful to it!

Resolution 14) Expect less from people and you wont be much disappointed!

Resolution 15) Time management! I need it!
8 Responses
  1. Neeru Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

  2. Anurag Says:

    How is the sixth one even remotely close to a "Resolution"?
    Too trivial to be called a resolution.Isn't it?
    Do not break the 14'th resolution for your own well-being. :)

  3. ERr the no 6 needs to be on the resolution list.... am a procrastinator of worst kind :|

  4. ->V<- Says:

    Nice resolutions !! :) ..some of 'em need special mention -

    R#1 - can I share this one ? :P
    R#3 - good gal :D
    R#7 - *heartbroken* :P
    R#11 - ROFLMAO at the literal meaning of 1st part :D :D

  5. Flo Says:

    I seem to think of these same resolutions only after I fall into a mess and then forget about it and fall in the mess again while thinking "Og no, not again." as I fall in.
    Keep the resolutions I can one day follow you. =P

    @R#7: The devil will rape me before I get into another online-relationship.
    I thought you wanted to get all lesbian with broke my heart. =( =P

  6. Ravi D Says:

    15 :O

    DAMN! You have gone crazy :P

    R-14: You are expecting a LOT from yourself too ;)

    R-7: Never be serious about anything ONLINE :| I am never :)

    R-4: Yeah! Gen-X problem :(

    R-3: Hmm.. I agree :/

    Don't know or won't comment on other resolutions :P

  7. Pensativo Says:

    hey mean HNY..

    Good to know that you are going to reduce orkutting :P.

    and increase reading..haha

    one more should take .. " There is something called journal, try to maintain some personal diary ;)..I feel that sometimes you speak out a lot more than necessary on the blog"..but then its your personal thing..and its my observation only ..:P

    hope all your resolutions come true this year..

    All the best :)

  8. Rex Says:

    I too have a resolution.

    "Survive till next new year" :)