meena iyer
Alryt! I am here online.. couldnt keep away obviously.. couldnt keep away from writing too.. Surprise Surprise! I actually wrote on paper... I have maintained for ages that I wouldnt have ever written anything if I had to write on paper.. evidently.. my need to write is more insistent than my dislike of writing on paper.. And you know what ? I am actually buzzing with ideas..umm a story is in the pipeline.. almost ready to be written.. you can see it tomorrow.. the tentative title is " The Silent Symphony"...

And yes.. it was completely written on paper.. so thats new :)

The weekend that was.. was pretty good.. considering.. how apprehensive i was.. and that my sister ditched me.. yet again.. ermm..

Well I read two books.. beautiful books.. one was about a group of musician.. is that why I am writing something similar? Possibly.. but the tone of the story is totally different.. it was more like for a random perusal.. nothing spectacular.. and not bad.. Very small parts of it I liked.. :)

And the second one was "The pomegranate juice" .. Amazing storyline.. many recipes are given.. if it wasn't all non veggie.. I would have loved to try :).. its a story of 3 sisters.. and its not feministic. It is lovely :)

Detailed review later.. may be tomorrow :)

Oh yeah.. had long conversation with a friend which lasted hours.. nearly 2 hours infact :) more or less.. prolly more.... Nothing better than a lovely conversation.. sitting in the terrace in the night and gentle breeze.. while the moon shines bright.. and you can see the "great bear" right on the top! Just amazing!
5 Responses
  1. Agnes Says:

    I am really happy to see Catawampus You online... Anxiously looking forward to Silent Symphony :-)

  2. Eveline Says:

    Good luck with your story!
    Cant wait to read it.

  3. Agnes Says:

    I am still waiting for Silent Symphony......

  4. Agnes soon I will post it :)

  5. Reflections Says:

    I know just what u mean about the block when writing on paper:-(