meena iyer

Ah there you are! Smelling of wildflowers and summer afternoon. So fresh! So inviting! Resisting the temptation to sink in you,I quickly shed my clothes and reach for the bathrobe.
After a quick shower, I come near. You are so soft! So satiny! Just what I need after a long tiring day. I can feel the tension slipping away!

You feel like a gentle breeze. So cool to touch! Soon you will be warm and all the more alluring. All night wrapped in you. I can dream. Just heavenly!

There is something sensual about freshly washed and sun-dried bed sheet!
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7 Responses
  1. --xh-- Says:

    :) guessed it almost correct...

  2. nickdigital Says:

    So true !! comfy and aesthetically pleasing that is .. very sensuous !!

  3. Agnes Says:

    Oh, totally!
    Clean, crisp sheets are the best.
    I actually own the sheets in that picture (seriously, and mine are black, too). It was an impulse buy, I do not normally buy satin sheets. I gotta tell you, they are so slippery I just about fell out of bed the first night I used them. Also my head kept slipping off the pillows and the sheets themselves were slipping off the bed.... I've never used them since but yes, they do look great! :-)

  4. Ah that sucks! I have used satin sheets too.. but well didnt have a bad experience like u! mine was pale golden in color :)

    I like the feel of it.. but soon enuf it becomes too hot.. nothing beats cotton sheets in comfort :)

  5. Agnes Says:

    Yes, cotton sheets rule! And for some reason I do like starch in my sheets, I love love love sheets that are crisp. And soft bathrobes and slippers.... a cup of hot green tea.... I am half asleep already.

  6. Reflections Says:

    wow tht was lovely, expressive:-D & I can almost smell that freshly washed & sun dried bedsheet

  7. Pretty Me!! Says:

    guessed it ,.... but loved reading it still :)