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This weekend had been eventful.. would be a terrible understatement. I am sure most of us must be tired of the rhetoric that no one even bothers to listen.. Yes about the Mumbai fiasco. We have decried the politicians yes.. lamented about how leaderless we are.. and how unsafe the general public is.. and infact its better to be a politicians than common public.. may be thieves identify with thieves and leave them alone..

Whichever way.. we are overwrought.. So am not gonna talk about that..

This weekend by far has been more eventful.. though I didn't go out..

I read two books "The sea of poppies" by Amitav Ghosh and "The white tiger" by Aravind Adiga
Both of them impressed me in different ways.. and yet there was one connecting thought..

In the Sea of Poppies , Neel, a character ruminates that for all the modernity he thinks he possesses, he had never eaten food cooked by a "a lower caste person".. and he gags when he has to eat it for the first time.. and in The White Tiger, Ashok doesn't have any gumption in blaming his loyal driver for the crime (accident) that his wife committed..

Both ways it shows what a hypocrite we really are ... isnt it ?

Also, I had long conversations.. which is usual.. actually.. but the one I had with karthik
was fun! We had some close calls with heightened passions and loud words.. but we fared quite fine and parted amicably :D

Umm I have received an award from Agnes.. will post on it later.. and one from Rukhiya

The free spirited and Independent blogger

Thank you girl! :)

It is not hard for me to choose the list for awarding this.. for I just blog hopped two blogs and I wanted to show my appreciation for their initiative. For in any bad situation there is always something positive.. and for me, this was the most positive response to the Mumbai fiasco. Kudos for your free spirit and innovative thinking. It is easy to complain.. to pin point.. to try and fit the blame.. harder to take the blame.. but hardest is to take responsibility for something that is none of your business and then go ahead and do it well :)

I know not your name or your identity. I wont say that I have followed your blog diligently. But I did notice your initiative and I want to thank you.. like I know many others would love to :)

1. Terror Helpline
2. Mumbai Help
6 Responses
  1. Rambler Says:

    I have never read Amitav Ghosh before..I have his book "The glass palace" on my stand from long time now..just never got to read it

  2. congrats for the awards meenie, you deserve it :)
    see i can be in agreement with u for once :P
    maan what an argument we had. talking about close calls, i still wonder how did I survive :O

    i saw the links u had given...very great and timely initiative. some people stopped complaining and started doing, perhaps we all have a lesson to learn from them :)

  3. --xh-- Says:

    have read Glass Palace and want to read sea of poppies.. but now my reading pace have come down :(

  4. @ Rambler.. glass palace is good.. but its long and rambling like your name huh ? :D :D Its worth a read.. but I enjoyed sea of poppies more :) Am sure you will too :D :D

    @Karthik.. thats because of my largesse ;)

    @anoop yeah yeah workoholic :P :P

  5. *Aham* Says:

    hi pooohi!

    I am Harish (Aham) from Mumbai Terror Helpline.

    now how do i accept this award... i mean... how do i virtually accept this award.. im duhh...

  6. Hi aham :)

    All you have to do is to display this award on your blog and may be forward it to someone if you like :)

    Award== image ....