meena iyer

I totally totally love storm. There is nothing in this world which fascinates you and at the same time terrifies you as storm. Nature at its best.. or worst.. its hard to determine..

I would so love to be here and to see this storm. Sadly, I have never seen a storm.. the closest I had come to one.. was once when gusts of wind just passed through our town with window panes breaking and all. We thought cyclone might hit us.. but it didn't.. don't know when it happened.. I think I was around 10-12... there was no power.. I spent all night sitting in te balcony when parents were asleep. I so wished that cyclone hits us.. I know.. it causes a lot of damage.. but I still wanna see a storm...

Umm.. leaving you with one of my old poem...

Trees swaying
Dancing in fury
Hand of god visible truly..
swishing wind scaring.. all who have sinned
The church bells go crazy
The vision goes hazy
With our eyes skinned
We look at thee
Oh lord in your glory
Forgive our follies
The birds in tandem
Raise their voices.
Accompaniment to the storm
Various noises
The wind changes direction
calm... time for regeneration
The rains stop
Silence pin drop
Then the clamor rise again
The fear was all in vain
As the new shoot rises..
The world rejoices...

Prompted at : ABC Wednesday

6 Responses
  1. babooshka Says:

    So dramatic and powerful.

  2. --xh-- Says:

    ncie..reading poem from u aft long time... :)

  3. Neeru Says:

    :)I remember this poem... Stormy Weather, right? We wrote on it together! >:D< :*

  4. Bear Naked Says:

    That is a powerful poem that you have posted for ABC Wednesday letter S.
    On behalf of Denise and the ABC team thank you for contributing.

    Bear((( )))

  5. Anonymous Says:

    nice poem :)

  6. Sneha Says:

    the poem was fantastic :D