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When I say "quality" there is a lot to discuss about ofcourse.. But I would like you guys to introspect about the quality of your life... how satisfied are you with your life???

Infact.. I would like you guys to try and answer with respect to the points specified in this image here...

How would you rate your life...

Work wise?? My job is most uninspiring and uninteresting for me.. but the money the incentives are amazing.. and the best part is.. i never have to take my work home.. and even in office I can spend as much time as I was blogging and all.. most of poems are written in office.. I started blogging coz i was very bored in office.. so its a mixed bag i guess.. I shall rate it .. umm 6/10

Health wise?? I have never been seriously sick. Nor do I have any chances of falling sick ideally.. But yes I am overweight.. still won't say I have any complaints healthwise.. my rating.. 8/10

Education ?? Frankly I have no complaints. I read what I wanted to.. and as much as I wanted to.. My rating 9/10

Spiritual factor?? I would love to run away somewhere and be alone one of these days.. other than that.. I don't have any soul searching question.. other than ofcourse.. why am I the way I am.. erm still good enough Rating: 7/10

Family factor?? This most of the time bugs me. Though I live with my family and also we love each other.. I feel there is a lack of the "family" feeling. I want this part of my life to improve.. Rating: 4/10

Stress factor?? I am not stressed. Sometimes I wish I was.. erm.. Rating: 10/10

Psychological factor?? By large this is hardest to rate.. simply coz I tend to swing at the extreme. Either am on the 19th cloud.. or in doldrums... umm why 19th ? dont ask me.. its just a random prime no. :) Still my tentative rating now : 7/10

umm 51/70 .. that would come up to nearly 73%

Pretty good i guess : )

Ofcourse the gradation and the point system is all mine and nothing scientific about it at all...

I would love you guys.. the readers to take it up as a tag and them may be leave the link on my blog.. or else just try and grade it and leave the percentage..

Do take it on.. and may be introspect and improve :)

Prompted at : ABC Wednesday
10 Responses
  1. --xh-- Says:

    a very interesting analysis :-D

  2. Rambler Says:

    lovely excersize, would definitely like to to this one.
    the best part is, its us who are rating our quality and this should be fun
    no :)

  3. Bear Naked Says:

    I am QUITE late this week visiting your blog.
    I was feeling QUEASY yesterday.

    Bear((( )))

  4. Agnes Says:

    Well, I guess I am too simple a person for this, but I just can't look at the aspects of my life and analyze them. I am quite happy and that's that. I like what I do and my life has purpose and that makes me happy.

  5. Tys on Ice Says:

    work : 9/10
    health : 6/10
    education: 9/10
    spirutal : 0/10
    family : 9/10
    stress factor : 0/10
    psychological : 5/10

    where does that rate me?...funny...iam actually happy with my life.

  6. 3 nines and 2 zeroes.. u r extreme :D :D

  7. That was for tys on ice :)

    Agnes.. thats the best way to be! Cheers!

    Bear naked am glad u came now :)

    Rambler.. u shud take it up :) wud wait for ur score :D

    anoop :) would u do it too ?

  8. Wow, I never thought about rating my quality of life like that : ). Very interesting indeed. I can tell you are very intelligent. Hope you have a lovely day. See you again next week when we get to letter R.

  9. Jay Says:

    A very interesting look at the big 'Question'!

    For myself, starting at the top -

    Education - 5/10 because I'm doing alright, but never went to university and I wonder if I should have.

    Spiritual - 8/10. There's a 'could do better' feel about that!

    Family - 9/10. My own husband and children and great .. but there is a little conflict with my mother

    Stress - 3/10 because I let so many things get to me

    Psychological - I guess that has to be the same, or I wouldn't let myself get so stressed! LOL!

    Work - 7/10. I don't work, but I feel bad about that sometimes. I'd like to be more useful.

    Health and Safety. 5/10. My health is not good, but nothing life-threatening.

    That was quite fun! On the whole I'm a happy person, but I can see where improvements could be made!

    Thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday! Hope to see you next week! :)