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Past present and future.. has been by far my favorite topics to discuss.. for am not of a very intellectual bend wherein I can keep going on and on about certain idea.. and all .. I have been tagged by Vinay to share a slice of my life with you.. and here it is..

Oldest memories :

The oldest memory I have of my mom combing my hair.. I was 4 years old that time I guess. And I remember that coz that memory has been frozen in a "picture". I believe though that I would still remember that feeling. It makes me feel safe even today....

I remember being taken for a ride on my dad's shoulders while he had a suitcase to hold .. the train had some engine problem and we were stranded. It was tough on him.. but well I had a time of my life...

I remember playing carrom.. just four of us...

Explicitly of my sister.. its hard to remember anything.... and yet I remember being stranded in our school for the school bus left.. my sis waited for me and missed the bus.. so we were the only 2 people in the whole big school with graveyard and the church.. it was scary!

I remember my first friend.. from my pre school.. no kidding I really do.. the feeling of being out of place .. and then finding some familiar face.. she stayed in our apartment :)

What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago , 1998... I was having time of my life in my 10th std. Bunking classes.. stealing away to have that occasional cutting chai.. being a pain in the ass in general... And making amazing friends.. it was one of my "most" social phase.. And of dramatic change.. the woman that I am now.. was formed in those initial days.. when I shed my girly ways... I stopped being a cry baby and generally being obnoxious.. I learnt to depend on others and more importantly to be dependable. And first felt the pressure of expectations and surprisingly lived upto it :)


Today I am someone who cribs and complains but then when required just gets going with life. I know I am strong and that I can face whatever life throws in my way. But I refuse to be really sweet about it. I will keep complaining!

I am more or less happy with what I have in life. I know it could have been worse. I am still not near anything I want to be. But I will be :) In short.. life has been hard.. but not impossiblely so.

And yeah.. when u r at the bottom the only way you can go is top .. *fingers crossed*


Tomorrow will take care of itself whenever it decides to come ..

14 years from now

I will be richer than I am now.. hopefully would be wiser and more patient with mine and everybody else's shortcomings..

I would certainly not gain any weight.. even if I didnt lose what I have now :D :D

Read more books... have a room of my own with one big closet for my books... which I dont have to share with anyone.. and most importantly.. a free lark with no responsibility..

If you built a time capsule, what it would it contain?

Umm.. other than the usual food and clothes.. books... a camera... and a laptop.. :)

And now I tag......


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  1. Curious Says:

    That's an interesting tag! :) goodd to see the lines going up from today to 14 yrs later! :D

  2. consider urself tagged then :)

  3. Curious Says:

    Sure will will it up on my next bloggers block(which will not be that far away)... I actually enjoy reading and writing tags! :D

  4. Agnes Says:

    I wonder if laptops, as we know them, will be obsolete in 14 years... probably not...

  5. distantcords Says:

    nice to knw about u :)

    specially ur oldest memory was kinda sweet :D

  6. Cess Says:

    nice answer, it s good to have nice memories from ur childhood ;)


  7. Reflections Says:

    "hopefully would be wiser and more patient with mine and everybody else's shortcomings.."
    That sounds really mature. And me too, me too:-P.

    tagged huh.....will put it up as soon as possible.

  8. Nicey nice!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  9. Rukhiya Says:

    I jumped at the link on Usha ma'am's blog when i saw you had done this bit- You are always a pleasure to read. Keep up! Be you! :)

  10. Muse Says:

    good luck with that!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    was good prose for my portfolio. :D thxx