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One more of a random post... Most of you guys know now that I have disconnected net from home so most of the days since weekend I have come home with the mobile phone pasted to my ear. Also, these conversations tend to continue late in the night which makes me late to bed.. People who know me would vouch for my capacity to "talk" the talk.. Anyways.. as it happens.. coz of this my dad finally has come out of his indifference and started to bug me to go to sleep..

It is a source of joy not irritation coz I have waited for ages for him to start taking notice of us again.. *Long old story *

So... I have been giving him lot more reasons to bug me.. namely.. I wake up late.. do the chores late.. haphazardly.. cook food late.. etc etc...

So I guess today he decided to teach me a lesson. In the morning he woke me up and said "Its 3:30 pm! Don't you have to go to office today ?"

I was scared shitless would be a mild way of putting what I went through.. for it was definitely possible that it happens for real [ has happened in the past].. and I ran all the way to the hall where the clock is situated only to find it was 9:30 am.. And dad had this big smug grin on his face.

He had made his point.. and how!

So here's the resolution am hoping to keep.. sleep by 1:00 am and wake up by 8:00 am.. earlier if I can manage.. and keep low on phone conversations... For I can understand that dad would have loved to talk to me.. I would too.. how come I never noticed that he would be lonely ?

I guess just my thing to take my family for granted and then I complain!

It is gonna change for sure! I will keep you posted ofcourse!
7 Responses
  1. Leo Says:

    you have one sweet, smart daddy-o!! :D

    lol... i get up at 6:00 and get ready within 6:30 to reach college bus stop at 6:45!! :D :D

    i hate conscientious time-keepin!! :D

  2. Pretty Me!! Says:

    will love to see you keep your resolutions !!

  3. Kris Says:

    hmmm i'll give my dad a hug when i get home tonight...i think he misses me :P

    i'm so lucky dad doesn't play pranks though!!! if he ever said it was 3:30pm when i was in bed, i'd die of a heart attack!!! instead, he just nudges me every 5 minutes till i eventually wake i'm usually late, but not too late :)

  4. Agnes Says:

    Hi Winnie, I hear you.....
    Sometimes I am not sure if having a cell phone is a blessing or a curse...

  5. Reflections Says: are u managing without the net;-o??????
    LOl about ur dad waking u up & u running helter-skelter;-D