meena iyer

Randomness is such an fascinating concept in itself.. If we really think about it in particular.. we can say that a truely random phenomenon doesnt exist.. if we research deep enough we can find a pattern.. even our dreams.. our thoughts follow a certain pattern isnt it ?

Well got nothing much to say about it.. but am ending the post with an old write...

Randomly in and randomly out
You keep bugging me oh randomly thought

I tried hard and i never sought
At every step i valiantly fought

But out you pop.. enter my mind
And there is nothing else i can find

Until i express my randomly thought
And you get the due u feel u ought!

Prompted at : ABC Wednesday
11 Responses
  1. --xh-- Says:

    yup - randomness is really fascinating :-D

    read abt chaos theory - u might find it interesting...

  2. Arjun Says:

    haha.. yeah..!!


  3. Rambler Says:

    hmm randomness is very intriguing

  4. Agnes Says:

    You got me thinking Winnie....

    Are the winning lottery numbers random?

  5. Neeru Says:

    Hey, nice, it's kinda interesting that you had to choose 'randomness' for R. I mean, there are so many other words. Somehow, the first word I could think of, starting with the letter R, was 'retrograde'. :O Don't know why! I suppose it's because of the randomness in my nature :D Anyway, randomness is fascinating. Very much so!

  6. wow, well said :)
    but if a random thought occurs once too often, then its not really random, is it ;-)

  7. Reflections Says:

    Ur poem says it exactly like it be honest, random thoughts scare me a bit.
    I wd start off random & if I follow that train of thought it usually ends with tragedy:-(

  8. Reflections Says:

    And whats up, its been more than 4 days & its real quiet this side of town:-D

  9. Pretty Me!! Says:

    Hi .. Here is somethign for you .. Hope you like it :