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I know a very intriguing title for this post... Ah! I am gonna recount an old old story... My first tryst with Vanity :) It was an brief but lasting affair ... So without much ado let me begin...

The story is of the days when I was in school of around 10-12 years old.. Ah in 7th grade.. you figure the age. I had this friend of mine with the name Vinita Krishnan( I am good with names etc etc.. I wudnt have forgotten her anyways).

So we were the only 2 people who were South Indians with beautiful eyebrows * no I am not boasting I still have beautiful eyebrows*. Since that was just onset of teenage may be, we both were having a duel about whose what is more beautiful... So Vinitha tells me that her eyebrows are so curved and nice coz her momma put Kajal using "Banana" Stem. I told her mine is nice too.. She was like yeah it is.. but u see pointing to one of my eyebrows, there is a crooked curve there... not smooth curve like mine. And me being jealous that her's is better than mine.. kept pestering my mom.. Ofcourse being a wise person that she is.. she didnt even bother to listen to me...

Seeing my weak point this girl kept teasing me. And in one of the intimate one on one she suggested that I remove my eyebrows and then apply kajal with a banana stem... And gullible me.. on an opportune sunday when guests were home ( We are relatively free then) .. ah shaved off part of "offending eyebrows". Ofcourse I then realized how ugly I looked... Not to mention how scared I was to face everyone.. mom . teachers and others ofcourse.. mom wudnt listen if i asked for holiday.. not after what I have done.. She made sure that I went to school everyday. She even refused to write a note to my Class teacher.. I was on my own..

Ah.. ingenious sister of mine asked me to use kajal with talcum powder.. we even stuck fake brows.. using well fevicol * I know I know* laugh all you want... It was a crazy month I spent.. When the class teacher asked I said some sob story about using a hair removal cream wrongly... Ahem ahem

I know crazy me.. but then I never ever talked to that vinitha character again :D :D

And then if that was not enough... The same year.. I nearly broke my momma's heart...

When we were kids.. mom had cut our hair very small.. Ah boy cut... then for an year we went to stay with my Aunt and studied our 2nd grade there.. In that one year.. constant care of our aunt made our hair grow .. beautifully.. thick black and long.. :) You know.. I used to love it when my aunt would comb my hear and decorate it with flowers.. something like 'paranda' but with flowers *sigh*
When we came back home.. ofcourse the care was continued and by the time I was in 7-8th grade it was more than shoulder length.. however.. sadly for mom.. a fashion of short hair was revived.. needless to say erm.. I demanded short hair.. which my mom obviously refused...
The stubborn me never listened... I cut my hair myself.. Like some mousey using sewing scissors ofcourse.. When I went to our stylist.. even she had tears in her eyes.... How can someone cut such beautiful hair * Confession: I miss it so much now! There was a time when no "rubber" was enough for my har... no clip would stay for long.. my hair was just too thick *** **boo hoo hoo***

My hair is pretty okayish now not too thick not too thin.. but my 1/4 th hair remains now :| :|

Well I know :( :(
When vanity beckons sanity fleds

Ah.. I dont wanna stop on sad end.. so let me tell you about something really nice... Mom had strictly told me.. that she wont pay for trimming my hair ever again. I have to grow hair.. whatever lil snipping I need she will do it home.. said I deserve that.. however, I used to ask my sister to cut for me! Believe me she is real gold with scissors :D :D

Once upon 9th Grade.. while doing a blunt cut.. my sisters hands slipped.. needless to say the shape was lost.. however she did an amazing job of disaster management.. I was a mini- celebrity in school for that.. coz she had made my hair look like "Kajol" in KKHH !
Random people on the road used to ask me who my stylist was :P :P :P

And I proudly told about my sister. So many of my friends were envious of me having such a nice elder sister :D :D

Oh yeah! Childhood was fun!! :D :D
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  1. Reflections Says:

    Ohhh that was quite a story esp the eyebrows part of it:-D. really enjoyed it.
    u knw wht, I do the reverse psychology with my kids....I keep cutting their hair that they r so fed up with me. I plan to continue this till they are in atleast 5th std. After that I'll act like I'm doint them the greatest favour by letting them grow it;-P.

  2. --xh-- Says:

    eyebrows part is hilarious whn i red nw, but can guess hw it was back then. and hair... :) quite a lot of vanity fair, eh? ;)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    yup, quite a story meena...
    considering the title, i thought it was a book review of an old book i read recently...!! :)