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In hindi there is a proverb which says... 'Uppar wala jab deta hai chappar faad ke deta hai' When god gives he gives with well how to say... the things would break ur ceiling .. means gives a lot at a time...

But god gave me troubles today like that! Figure this...

Yesterday night.. I was all set to go to office and not be late.. but well may be due to rain or due to high volume of TV... I dunno I missed the call.. erm and since then things are all wrong.. the ppl in the cab were kinda miffed.. Since then things have been in the downfall.. if u can call it that.. figure this... not following the usual routine.. we sleep without cooking .. which means dad's hungry until we wake up which is at 3:00 clk..

Sleepily we go to kitchen.. more well guiltily.. feeling shoddy.. only to realize the rice and some other stuff is over.. go out get the stuff.. by the time I cook its 5:00 time for my sis to go to office... Poor girl went hungry...

Then in an hurry I opened the cooker.. guess what.. i opened too soon and everything came out hot water rice everything and yeah I was scalded! Bah!!! PBBHHTTT!!

I went to dad hoping for sympathy.. ah not my day I guess.. he let out some sarcastic comment.. Not his mistake i guess.. he was just too angry on me...

Oh yeah.. I burnt the dal already and now it also had water+rice on it... and the kitchen was a mess..

So I lost it and started to cry.. *surprise surprise*

Obviously no one was there to hug me and say.. honey its okay.. so well after a long time.. I got up.. cleared the mess and started to cook again.. this time thought lemon rice is the key... oh well the power went.. so cooked in the dark... figuratively.. * no dont have generator.. n the chargable light was not charged.. so used candles* yeah yeah.. that too didnt taste good.. atleast was edible... If only that was the last of..... I also happen to spill the pulses on rice... not even on the floor.. on rice yay! big mess!!

The power came by 9:00 I get cab by 9:30 .. So I was on the run to get ready... make daddy eat.. make sure everything needed to be closed is closed.. turned off the whole deal.. and then had 15:00 min spare to get ready... One would think I would have had enough.. ah no.. thats not where it stops...

I find that the salwar suit that I planned to wear is still dirty from the wash from the washing machine... so cannot wear it.. the ever dependable black pants had loads of sweety's hair.. and the top needs ironing and I have less than 5 min.. And I can't be late again... So I wash the stains off.. but things can't get easy can they ? The freaking electricity connectivity is such that the switch might work some days and some time it might not!

Somehow I manage to find a outfit that needs no ironing and is clean! Thank god for small mercies!

Then I get the call and I rush.. after keeping food for sweety .. making sure that dad needs nothing more.. and when I reach the point.. The cabs late.. they called me early coz I am always late.. they figured this way I will be on time.. when I chose to be on time yippie!

Finally... we reach office and it rains the moment we reach.. so go partially drenched inside.. One would know how irritating it feels some days...

No it doesn't stop here... I reach office.. someone else is logged in.. obviously fiddled with it.. The computer is super slow.. soon enough get to know why.. the Disk had no space... So much so that I cannot open the drive and move it...

See.. C: drive is out of space.. I cannot delete stuff for I know not if its important or not... So well I cut the stuff.. to paste it in D: drive.. when I open D: drive the comp freezes.. If i forcefully close D: drive... erm the explorer.exe crashes.. so finally I deleted some of my stuff then made some space.. moved the stuff out... and finally could open my tools!

Phew! Indeed.. it doesn't rain.. It pours... Interestingly even the god agrees.. so he flooded the road by my office..

Yeah! Pathetic day came to an end... or did it?

Even today I burnt the rice and the dal in the cooker as I slept off with the cooker on the stove!
All Hail me!! *smirks*
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6 Responses
  1. Vinay Says:

    whoa...reality blast eh?? that was like "the woes of winnie!!" awesome!! :)

    i meant the write, not the woes!!

  2. Reflections Says:

    Seriously.....when it decides to rain, it pours:-/
    LOL abt the cab calling u early coz u r always late.
    And all daddies are grouchy especially when it comes to messed-up food;-P.

  3. Reflections Says:

    And it's not a day in hell.....its just another day on earth:-))

  4. --xh-- Says:

    phew! that was a crazy day... poor dad :P

  5. maan...that was totally awful for u!!!
    Sometimes its just like that...nothing goes ur way..God knws why...some starry configurations got changed or pure accident..whatevr it may be. Probably we all have a quota of tough times...some have it more than others.

    But thats why we have sayings like "Tough times dont last, tough people do"

  6. Ishaan Says:

    Wow all that in one day Supermeena!!