meena iyer

"Amazing car! Cool Interiors." the guy exclaimed.
"Newest model sir." The sales man replied dreaming of a sale.
"Can I test drive?"
"Sure why not?"
The lady was checking out other cars.
After 15 min, "Where is your husband?" salesman asked the lady, agitatedly.
"What nonsense! I dont even know that guy!" the lady replied outraged and left.

P.S: This story is dedicated to prats! her 55 word story made me try this.. Ah yeah! this story is only 55 word long.. temme if its good enough :-)
3 Responses
  1. Reflections Says:

    Heeeeheeee, too good:-D

  2. Pretty Me!! Says:

    nice ! its an often used sequence though in movies .. but i am glad fr the word limit u used :) try on !! n check my blog for more stories ... though rarely ;)

  3. Vinay Says: me when u go on a writing spree like this...!! :) almost missed it, but loved it nonetheless..!!