meena iyer

It is so funny that some people you meet for a short time and yet their memories lingers along for long.. you think you have forgotten them... may be you have even.. and yet down that long winding road.. where they were left behind they wait for you to remember and remember you do..

All you need is probably is a smile.. a scent... a look.. or may be a book with long forgotten verse.. and sometimes its a date..

Yes sometimes its a date.. funnily enough many a times that date pass by and you dont remember them.. and some day out of the blue you just do..and then you are just hit by the blues.. for words left unsaid.. the guilt.. regret long forgotten.. again burdens your heart..

Yes this story is all about that... and may be holds few sweet memories too

She was the first person I met in hostel. Subdued by the new environment and yes more a little scared .. she was the person to welcome me with open arms.. rest were not there.. they had left to have food in the canteen. She stayed back with her family. They gave lift to my dad for going to the station.. So when they left I realized I had forgotten my dinner home... We shared the same box of food hers... One would believe we would be close isn't it ?

If only.. our nature was completely different.. but that night in the terrace where we had our food and shared our fears,.. and yes shed tears.. we were bonded.. briefly.. by our common experience.. As days passed by.. the pain went in the back ground and other things crowded our mind.. As is usual the girls were studious lot.. and I happened to be carefree.... Always ready to have fun.. for I had tasted freedom for the first time.. with no one to say no to anything I do... I did what i wanted.. if money was short I skipped lunches.. dinners and what not...

So soon enough we started having arguments.. first murmured ones.. behind my back.. and soon enough big ones... so much so that within 3 months we stopped talking altogether even if we were the only 2 people left on the table... The feelings were mutual so the words well lets not talk about the rudeness here....And then things changed one fine day...

One more night it was.. smokey black one.. I find her crying softly.. I wish to move... for a moment.. I didnt want to offer help.. why should I?.. but I did... gave her comfort.. gave her a hug that she needed... And then things changed for better.. we never said sorry.. for somehow it was not needed..

I wont say it was a fairy tale ending with us being best of friends.. thats not true.. but we did become friends enough to smile once in a blue moon.. she had moved out of hostel.. I guess that helped a lil....I mean u tend to see things with a softer light when in distance..

But I would still cherish the words I overheard... she said.. Meena is not as bad as I thought :D :D

I know doesnt say a lot about me .. but coming from her mouth.. it was worth every thing.. for each word came through grudgingly.. no one wants to relinquish their enemy.. so to say.. I never returned the favor though....

Wondering why I am telling this now? For on 28th august was her birthday.. and I kinda remembered her :-)

Wondering what I regret ? Of actually telling her that she is not as bad I thought she was.. or may be just being friends with her.. for you see I didnt have any other enemy in whole of my life.. erm she wasn't that for long anyways :-)
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  1. Reflections Says:

    Seriously, our school & college life is peppered with this kind of memories....but when we think back now..most of it was so silly;-P

  2. --xh-- Says:

    :) sweet memories of hostel life.. for me, it was not on the terrace, but in a bus...

  3. true nancy :)

    Anoop why am i not surprised :P