meena iyer

I know am posting after ages.. just was not in the right mood.. wanted to post a story.. which is still under draft.. .

I have been wanting to review a lot of books which somehow I never manage to do... *sigh* Right now am reading a book called as " The unknown errors of our lives" by Chitra Banerjee

Somehow it made me realize that how hypocritic we are.. When someone is facing some sadness or if we are having some problems.. how affected we become.. Like if there was an earth quake somewhere.. we would be oww.. chooo chaad.. and things like that.. However.. if something good happens to someone else.. We might say a perfunctory congrats.. or "wow".. and if its not from our country.. might be.. we would say.. ah nothing like that can ever happen in india.. so much corruption.. blah blah blah..

Why is it that happiness is what we seek but sadness is what we hold on to ?

I mean.. one can forget "something" good that happened to them.. or someone who was good to them.. but an insult.. some bad luck will always be remembered and shared with others .. why is it so???
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  1. --xh-- Says:

    a post after long time :) me happy to see this post...
    why we hold on to sad memories? isn't it a perception? some people do hold on to happy memories than sad memories. but majority likes to hold on to sad moments - may be because it is easy, may be because it gives them acceptance with the crowd.
    I remember the words by a celebrity (forgot who the celebrity is) that he never asked "why he" when he was shot into fame, so he wont ask "why me" whn he was attacked by cancer.

    it takes more courage, conviction,will power and optimism to hold on to good things and forget bad things - and not many chooses the hard way...

  2. guess bcos pleasure is fleeting, but pain leaves scars

  3. Reflections Says: the jist of wht u r trying to say. But I notice that I'm always genuinly happy for them when people receive good news but with bad news I have no clue how to comfort them:-S

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  5. ... Says:

    good things are like a pat on the back, while bad luck is a punch on the face..
    which one of the two you remember?

  6. Vinay Says:

    welcome back winnie...
    a post after what seems eternity...

    i agree with ur thoughts yaar... but even i dont seem to know why is it so...

    i guess the happiness lasts only for a little time, but the sadness is always unforgetablle...