meena iyer

A writer is an observer.. he can never participate and even when he does have to.. he is still passively involved.. coz his mind always keeps processing his responses.. and of the surrounding... a true writer can never ever participate actively...

not just a writer but any artist.. no wonder they r true loners :) not someone who stays away from everyone coz he is hurt.. coz that person is not a loner coz deep within his heart.. he always wants to return.. but the blue blood kinds.. who have healthy disdain for "people" and ones who are happy to be amused by it occasionally.. but want to return back to their private spaces...

And I am made of weirder kind.. I want to b witnessed.. to be heard and listened.. I want someone who can see n hear all my thoughts.. naked... to my every core.. thats what i crave for... my bad as well as good thoughts.. as they r.. without being tinged by personal biases... not positive reflector.. but an perfect absorber.. one who wont reflect anything... and i think only that makes me a writer.. coz i write for myself... an writer of only one audience... or may be none?
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  1. Voice Says:

    if u want a perfect absorber you first become one...
    No matter what people tell u absorb it :)

    and i read other blogs too
    good going Banglore police department
    or love(d) actually