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Heck! I am back again.. since am not sleepy and in no mood to blog read/ orkut/ chat.. the usual things i do... am back to posting...

I myt as well dream something up than doing nothing.. if you chanced to read this you would know which way my fertile imaginations go... however if you havent then let me tell you its gonna be extremely mills n boonsy.. so well you might wanna give it a skip if you dont like the type.. and if you do like it.. welcome to my world of dreams :)

Well last time it was a beach.. this time more cozy place.. my home ofcourse with a roomy terrace :D :D the moonlight stays... it has to! There is something about moon that makes me go all dreamy dreamy read horny horny :D :D

So here it goes...

Its one of those days when you are watching match.. yep am practical.. this is gonna happen :D :D and your side is winning.. you are all excited .. so I decide to curl in a chair and get lost in dreams... sitting alone singing songs .. lost in my world...

Soon you come and kiss me.. on my shoulders and gently hug me... and whisper sorry... I ask what for? for am pissed and in mood to fight.. we get only one day to be together and you wanna spend it in front of TV?

You say you know what for... your hot breath on my ears tingling.... I say no.. I dont! am not clairvoyant you know!

gently you keep nuzzling and whisper sweet love words.. and talk in that special tone.. you know I cant resist... so sure you are of your power over me.. I act like am unaffected.. but my quickened pulse and husky voice belie my words... You laugh.. that unaffected open hearted bellow.. how can I b not seduced? *sigh* I move away from you.. expecting you to tag along ofcourse ..

But you are super smart arent you?.. these power games are like kiddie stuff for you.. my macho macho egoistic fellow! You move away.. for just enough time so that am frustrated.. but not long enough for me to feel down/angry.. you take care not to bruise my ego too :)

Music turned on meanwhile... my current favorite ones... Buble and Melua.. you know which string to pull dont you?

You come near again.. again that intimate caress your words.... will you dance with me?

Ah.. there it comes the moonlight kiss.. by bap kennedy... he croons while our lips meet.. sure in knowledge that pleasure will course through.. that familiar taste... known since long and yet cant get enough of...

When I start swaying with you slowly.. you know you have me where you would like me to be.. You like that .. dont you? pliable a putty in your hands...

and then neck to neck... holding close we talk.. about nothing important... the routine things that couples share.. and yet we feel content.. finally in each others arms we feel complete... We know we have all the time in the world... no hurry... tantalizing each other with touch.. breath and eyes... ah! your killer eyes... mesmerizes me everytime.. lil blobs of white and that swirl of grey in black.. smokey...

Ummm well we all know what follows isnt it?

A night of revelry and passion

I know I know I lost thread again... :(

May b some other time...
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2 Responses
  1. Malathy Says:

    Captivating dance in the moon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow...meenie this was true gem!!
    how well u have expressed i now get a clue to ur fantasies ;)